Gaming looking to start a Youtube Collaboration Group!? (PC)


What's up!

im looking for some people to start a collaboration group (on PC) with if everything works good!
Right of now im still small youtuber but hopfully that will change.

the games i'm thinking foremost to play in this collab is following:
Rocket League
scrap mecanic
who's your daddy
Dead by Daylight

but the games might change if we find something that's interesting!

The Requirement i have is:
Above 18+
Good English!
decent computer that manages to record and play the games
Good microphone, no headset unless it has incredible sound..
recording software/hardware
And GOOD editing software no movie maker
record and uploading without editing is not acceptable!
But most important is Good Connection

not important but a big + is if you are energetic and have humor!

That might be a bit much, But if you fullfill this i know youre serious!
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