looking for someone to collab with on PC!

the games i'm thinking foremost to play in this collab is following:
Rocket League
scrap mecanic
who's your daddy
Dead by Daylight
and more

The Requirement i have is:
Above 18+
Good English!
decent computer
Good microphone
Got everything with exception of scrap mechanic, who's your daddy and Dead by Daylight. Have no money atm. So yeah, I would like to participate :)

I'm 20
Well you can look up my channel if you wanna see how my English is^^
I got a beast of a PC
Got a studio mic
hey, im 18 and have 1200 subs, took my videos down a few years ago, unfortunatley my headset broke last night and will be getting a new one soon. English from Leeds. Skype "silky x"

thanks :)
Im down grey gone mad, im 18 , running a gtx 970ssc overclocked at 1550 , good studio mic and ambition to record
Hey, I'm looking for another person to play with. Trying to get a group of friends going for YouTube. I'm 23, my computer is alright, not the best for sure, but it gets the job done, and I use a Snowball. I don't have most of those games, but I am willing to grab a few. I also have Golf With Your Friends and Shellshock Live that I'm looking to play with people.