pc collaberation

  1. T

    Gaming Looking for a few people to record video games on pc with!

    Hi, my name is Martin and I am 17 years old. I am enjoying making gameplays on youtube. I think I would have more fun with more people. I am not the ice breaking type thou. Right now i have a shity computer so i can not play the newest games my microphone is not the best either but i am looking...
  2. MZ-101

    Gaming I’m willing to collaborate with anyone on PC

    The title might be eye catching, but it ain’t misleading. It just needs a bit of clarification. I am willing to collaborate with anyone, but I’m not gonna’ feature you on my channel. I will, however, shout you out on my videos, Twitter, and possibly my video description. I may make a video...
  3. MZ-101

    Gaming Looking for one or two players to use as “actors” in Battlefield 1 (PC)

    I’m making a cinematic intro for a video on Battlefield 1. I’m about 75% done with it, but I can’t complete it, ‘cause the rest of the cinematic requires multiple characters. I need a couple of players to help me out with those last few scenes. So, if you play Battlefield 1 on PC, leave a...
  4. Chaz

    Gaming Looking For Collabs Over Many Different Games! (PC)

    Hey guys! I recently starting picking up my channel again after coming back from college and I am in need of people who want to collab. My schedule is pretty busy since I work a full time job, but I will try my best to find an opening where we can record. If interested let me know down below if...
  5. ChrisAntigen

    Gaming PC Collab GtaV, GMod, Ect

    My friend and I are starting a collaboration group and we are in need of 2 more people. We are planning on playing multiplayer games like GtaV, Scrap Mechanic, and really any multiplayer openworld and or FPS. Requirements -Good mic -Around age 16 (no squeakers) -Respectful member -Able to record...
  6. Xbox Fox

    Gaming Looking to Collaborate/Make some Friends

    My name is Alan, or Xbox Fox on YouTube. I have 80 subs so far on youtube and I'm a pc gamer. I would love to collaborate with anyone and everyone on pc Any games are welcome Hope to make Funny content with you guys! <3 :D
  7. GreyGoneMad

    Gaming collaboration on PC

    looking for someone to collab with on PC! the games i'm thinking foremost to play in this collab is following: GTA 5 Gmod Rocket League scrap mecanic who's your daddy Dead by Daylight and more The Requirement i have is: Above 18+ Good English! decent computer Good microphone
  8. CFGlyn

    Gaming PC Gamers 25+ UK, hit me up!

    Howdy to you all out there! Just a quick one to say my name is Glyn and I am currently working on building up my second personal YouTube channel which is all about gaming at the moment but looking to very soon branch out into some new stuff ;) I am always on the lookout for new people to play...