Gaming Looking for a few people to record video games on pc with!


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Hi, my name is Martin and I am 17 years old. I am enjoying making gameplays on youtube. I think I would have more fun with more people. I am not the ice breaking type thou.

Right now i have a shity computer so i can not play the newest games my microphone is not the best either but i am looking forward to a collaboration. I can play games type Stick Fight, We need to go deeper, Garrys mod, Terraria and ext. I am open about the games we would play.

If you are interested (you should be 15+) you can contact me here or on my discord TheEmptyTale#0194
or on my twitter @TaleEmpty
Hi my name is johnny and i'm interested i'm 15 even though i seem younger on camera. i was wondering what games you would want to play. by the way i put in a fake bday for this site so dont belive it.