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Xbox Fox

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My name is Alan, or Xbox Fox on YouTube. I have 80 subs so far on youtube and I'm a pc gamer.

I would love to collaborate with anyone and everyone on pc

Any games are welcome

Hope to make Funny content with you guys! <3 :D
hey bro[DOUBLEPOST=1482645160,1482645055][/DOUBLEPOST]woah xbox fox how did u go from 80 subs to 840 so fast??? what just happended im so freking confused i have 112 subs and i grow so slow what did you do bro?
hey maybe we could play gmod or csgo sometime or any game you have in mind my discord is Kogami and my code is 1945 pls reply so we can settle it i have a blue yeti and i record in 1080p i recently made a new youtube channel and ive been editing for a few years now please reply so we can play games n stuff XDDDD