I am 15 years old and from the US. I am looking for a group of other PS4 players ready to collaborate on videos. I am going to be starting up a channel I used to upload on a lot that has ~50 subs.

I am interested in either creating a group of PS4 Gamers or joining a Gaming Group

My Three Main Games: (Please have at least one of these)
Rocket League
Rainbow Six Siege

Times I am available:
4-12 on Friday (PM) and All-Day Saturday (Eastern Standard Time)
During breaks I am available during the weekdays and summer I'm available 7 days a week

What I am Looking for:
People that are around my age or a little older that are in it for the laughs and like to be trolls, but can be serious if the video calls for it. I am hoping to join/create a PS4 group of 4 or more players.

Sub Requirements:
I don't care at all about the number of subscribers you could be a brand new channel and it doesn't matter to me. I am pretty much starting from the ground up and I want to grow with this group. Just as long as we get along and you are active it's all good.
How to Contact Me:
I never check skype or discord so if you are interested message me on my PSN: blackmage426 or comment your PSN below and I will add you.
If adding me on PSN add a note that you have a group or want to create a group with me or else I will just delete the friend/message request.