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  1. L

    Gaming Looking for collaborations

    Hey all I’m sav aka LuvLockDwn. I recently started YT a month ago now with 71 subs im looking to continue growth. I play Apex Legends PS4 mostly but recently got back into call of duty. I’m willing to play anything as well i can get into PC gaming if necessary. I envision myself with a close...
  2. CrazyDocPhoenix

    Gaming PS4 collaboration

    I just wanna make funny sikes with someone, whose also don’t mind throwing in a lot of witty jokes here and there. I’m 19 years old Not into sports games.
  3. CrazyDocPhoenix

    Gaming Ps4, collaboration.

    Hey! You! Yes you over there! I’m definitely not breaking the froth wall here, anyways not really. Let’s start off the introduction, yours truly me is MacMillan and during at this time of the post September the 21th, 2019 that my age is nineteen years old and I want you person that can contact...
  4. Mad_Matt99

    Gaming Looking for other YouTubers (PS4) To make funny moment videos (like Vanoss)

    Looking for people to create content with on Call of Duty Black Ops 4. I want to get involved with funny moments but unfortunately it's hard with my friends trying to do their own thing now. I'm 19 years old and im just trying to have fun as well as put the time and effort into my editing. If...
  5. NoSleepTeam22

    How do i get people to see my videos?

    I have recently started posting videos on youtube. And when i watch other people making the same kind of content as i (gaming videos) i know i am able to create gameplay on the same level as most people. But first off all im struggling on the editing side of things. I have noticed how some...
  6. Paranoia_Origins

    Vote On Games "YOU" All Would Like to See Me Live Stream/Record/Edit/Upload Onto My YouTube Channel

    This is all the games i currently have to play on my PS4 now with that said i will live stream/upload games to my channel from the most wanted to the least. So I really thank everyone taking part in this poll it will really help me grown an audience for my youtube gaming channel now you can ask...
  7. Jayden Garcia


    Subscribe to my channel for daily gaming content! I buy the newest games and do lets plays/walkthroughs. I also post gaming news, commentaries, tips & tricks, ect. If that sounds like something that interests you then I would love for you to join the community. Thanks for looking! :)
  8. Jayden Garcia


  9. Jayden Garcia


    "TOMBSTONE ARRIVES!" New Youtube video is LIVE. Like/Comment/Subscribe.
  10. B

    Gaming Looking for PC and or PSN Collabs

    i'm am currently sitting at 183 subs and am looking for some people to make content with. more so on PC but psn works too. my PSN is billsrule10. and my discord is also billsrule10. if youre interested hmu on instagram @d3m0gorgon.
  11. J

    Gaming Looking for someone who wants to help me with a skit.

    I just need 2-3 people to help me do a skit in Fortnite. Since crossplay is a thing pc players can help too. I just need 2-3 people. This is just really quick and I will link your channel in the description. I will tell you about the skit when you agree to respond. No age requirements or...
  12. theResidentPsychopath

    HERE THEY LIE - Gameplay - Horror Jump Scares - Gollum Like Creature

    Do you like jump scares, creepy horror, and freaky characters? Check this one out and destroy that like button.
  13. M


    So I've recently got back into creating YouTube videos and I am looking for people who enjoy gaming and creating YouTube videos. I have a channel, but I have been slacking because I lose motivation because I don't have a good group of friends that are consistent with playing together. So I...
  14. Alter

    Gaming Post Commentary Channel with additional Live Commentary content.

    DISCLAIMER: This is a long post. For all those reading, I have had trouble in searching for like-minded individuals seeking the same thing as me. So I brought it upon myself to well, create my own post specifically stating what I am interested in. Currently, I have two ideas I'd want...
  15. Ent Ashy

    Gaming Brawlhalla (PS4) Collab

    Hello everyone, hope your all having a good day. My Name is EntAshy & I run a Brawlhalla focused channel on Youtube. I'm looking for someone to collab with in Brawlhalla it can be Friendly 2v2s, against each other, or just a funny moments montage! requirements are simple: 1.I would prefer...
  16. Paranoia_Origins

    Gaming (PS4) Looking For A Long Term Passionate and Dedicated Content Creators For Our YouTube Group!

    Here's some information about me. Me is looking for some Passionate and Dedicated Content Creators For Our YouTube Group thats are looking to collaborate on a frequent basis. I want to make some good friends and partners for our YouTube journey. Here's some information about me. My Name...
  17. Paranoia_Origins

    Gaming LF PS4 |18+ Collab Recruitment!

    Me and my friend OG_BNETT need 3-4 other youtubers with ps4's to help create more fun, funny, random, any other type of gaming content. LF YouTubers that has and uses a PS4, to collab with me and my friend. What does our collaboration consists of? I would like to make a lot of PS4...
  18. MrJude12

    Gaming Ps4 Youtube collab

    Looking to collab with anyone, I play on console (Xbox one & Playstation 4) The games I mostly play on Playstation 4 are: Rainbow Six Siege Black ops 3 Battlefield 1 NBA 2K (Destiny and more in future after release) Xbox one: Halo Master Chief Collection & 5
  19. SupWithT

    Gaming Looking for Discord Collabers, PS4 players!

    So I FINALLY understand Discord so if you want to add me my username is Sup_W_T#3143 These are the ps4 games I have Crash N. Sane Trilogy (My baby) Shadow of Mordor Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 HD Remix (My other baby) Ratchet and Clank Uncharted HD Collection Uncharted 4 Naruto Shippuden Ultimate...
  20. Techicvi

    Gaming Cod zombies (ps4)

    Anyone wanna play cod zombies ... i have bo3 and Infinite Warfare atm My psn is fastfire95 ... Let's have some fun I also play other games aswell
  21. Danny Petsis

    Looking for Feedback on our latest video

    Hi all, We have a toy and video game unboxing and review channel and recently decided to do a giveaway but for a Charity Event called the Gutsy Walk which raises money in Canada for Crohn's and Colitis. We haven't been as successful so far as our first Giveaway which was a straight subscribe to...
  22. Paranoia O Rigins

    Gaming Looking for Awesome Gaming Channels and PS4 Gamers to Do Collaborations With

    I trying hard to find gamers who can work with me and create funny other types of gaming content together as a group. I'm a starting out YouTube Channel looking for people with PS4's to create some gaming content together. I'm pretty much free to start doing that with people at any time since...
  23. Pierre Maynard

    WHY IS THIS GAME SO COMPLICATED? - Daylight - gameplay - Part 2

    Hello everyone! welcome back to another part to this brand new series that i am doing! I have become more and more intrigued with this game :D Let's see if i can get 8 likes until i upload the next part which is in a week! Let me know which part was your favourite from this video, any...
  24. TheDerp12


    I am 15 years old and from the US. I am looking for a group of other PS4 players ready to collaborate on videos. I am going to be starting up a channel I used to upload on a lot that has ~50 subs. I am interested in either creating a group of PS4 Gamers or joining a Gaming Group My Three Main...
  25. RenOperative

    Gaming Gaming group/gaming podcast collaboration

    I decided to take an excerpt from our extensive document which answers all the questions that people have been wondering in my long search to find some active yet awesome video gamers out there who have been looking for a group to join into without the silly stuff like subscriber counts being...
  26. BananaCupcake123

    Gaming Gaming Group

    Hey i'm 15 and I'm trying to put together a Gaming group. I have no idea what games. Things you need. - Good microphone - 14+ - play good games - don't be a jerk
  27. abkiller

    Gaming Guys or girls for a Gaming Group

    Hy i am looking to people to play with and make youtube videos. It doesnt matter how many subs you have I am on Playstation as :Abkiller- Twitter : AbkillerDaReal1
  28. IGotTheMeats

    Gaming [PS4] Looking for Collabs in GTA, Madden, and maybe Minecraft

    Hey guys, I'm looking to collab with 1 or a few people to make primarily GTA videos. We can plan things out ahead of time or we can just have some fun and screw around in a lobby, I'm not picky! -No Sub Requirement -Would prefer to use in game/party chat -The bigger the personality the better!
  29. Draven

    Gaming PC and PS4! Collaboration size don't matter

    Looking to Collab with people size don't matter to me I am just looking fun people to play fun GAMES with and hopefully make some cool friends!! But the fun won't be fun unless we have rules such as: Must be 15 or over (Soz) Has to play PC or PS4 be yourself (just be happy) MY ps4 username is...
  30. Anjim

    Anjim Plays Minecraft (PS4) Creative Sunday Live Stream