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  1. Anjim

    Anjim Plays Neverwinter (PS4) | Dungeon & Dragons Live Stream

    This is a really good game
  2. Curious.Jack

    Gaming Would be awesome to Collab on Overwatch (PS4)!

    Hey All! I've been looking for people to collab with on Overwatch for PS4 with one major objective: have lots of fun! REQUIREMENTS Here is the quick list: Have a YouTube channel OR want to start a channel. Age: I'm good with any as long as you don't take things too seriously. Mentality: Must...
  3. Puck Mitchell

    NOOB and 'PRO' PS4 Dark souls 3 new game area runs

    Alo elo, I wanted to change the title of my previous post, struggled there so reposting!
  4. Alpheta Gaming

    Overwatch episode 4 | Fiiiinnnee i'll be Bastion

    Hey guys, I though I would share my latest Overwatch video with you all. I am creating a playlist which will include a video for each character displaying there abilities, gameplay and hopefully how good they can be. This time around is Bastian so check it out and let me know what you think...
  5. Formal Fox Productions

    Battlefield 4 Moments | #1

  6. Formal Fox Productions

    F1 2015 League Racing PS4 | F1 Ts Hub R2 Russia (Race Highlights)

    Hey guys. Here are my race highlights from my latest league race. Enjoy.
  7. Giant Leap Gaming

    Gaming Looking for buddy for PS4 Collaboration

    I am a fairly new youtuber looking for someone to become friends with, and possibly grow our channels together. I currently have a PS4, PC, and Xbox One, but I prefer to game on my PS4. I would like to collab with someone over the age of 20 (I'm 28) so that we will have some things in common...
  8. Formal Fox Productions

    Fifa 16 Head to Head (with D34N13) | Episode 1

    Hi guys. This is a new series I have started called Fifa 16 Head to Head. Let me know what you think. Cheers.
  9. BananaCupcake123

    Gaming PS4 Collab?

    Hey my name is Daniel. looking for someone to do a collab on black ops 3 or gta 5 on the ps4? requirements. -14 or older (i'm 14) u can be 13. so just 13 or older. -must have psn. -and i don't really care how many subs or likes or views you have. (i'm just starting so i have 1 sub) -and i think...
  10. HighSocietyGaming

    Gaming Minecraft PS4 Collab

    Hey everyone! I am looking for someone who is interested in collaborating on PS4 to play some Minecraft! I am not very picky, I don't care how many subs you have but hey the more the merrier. I would like to see someone who is at least 17, I just turned 18 myself. I don't know if this will work...
  11. Formal Fox Productions

    F1 2015 Live Commentary #2 | Bad Lobbies

    Hi guys. Please check out our latest video 'F1 2015 Live Commentary #2 | Bad Lobbies'. Show some support by leaving a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more. If you play F1 2015 and want to take part in a Live Commentary with me let me know down below. Cheers.
  12. RaPiiDHD

    THE UNCHARTED 4 BETA IS HERE! Anyone excited?

  13. RaPiiDHD

    Firewatch Let's Play Part 6

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  15. RaPiiDHD

    Black Ops 3 MONTAGE!

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  17. RaPiiDHD

    Let's Play Firewatch

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  20. Jorpheus

    Gaming PS4 Collabs - New youtuber

    Hey, I'm a new youtuber (Jorpheus), I'm Irish and 18 years old. I only have 9 subscribers after a week of uploading but hope to increase that! Hoping to find some people to collab with on fifa, gta, minecraft and probably the division when it comes out! Get back to me? :coolshades:
  21. RaPiiDHD

    WEEKLY MONTAGE #4 (Black Ops 3)

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  23. RaPiiDHD

    Sniper Challenge!!

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  25. RaPiiDHD

    MOST XP EVER! (Black Ops 3)

  26. RaPiiDHD

    WEEKLY MONTAGE #3 (Black Ops 3)

  27. RaPiiDHD

    Zombies Disco Party!

  28. Specs

    Backside Part 1 Video Setup

    Would love to hear what I can improve on in my videos! Subscribe to keep up with my progress! Thanks!
  29. RaPiiDHD

    Let's Play Firewatch #1 - The Journey Begins

  30. RaPiiDHD