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Hey my name is Daniel. looking for someone to do a collab on black ops 3 or gta 5 on the ps4?
-14 or older (i'm 14) u can be 13. so just 13 or older.
-must have psn.
-and i don't really care how many subs or likes or views you have. (i'm just starting so i have 1 sub)
-and i think that you might need to have call of duty or bo3...
Hi I'm Peter or Wibble. I'm 14. 15 in 7 months. So far I have only made 2 videos but being on holiday and away from my set up is a real pain. I have access to my steam account if you want to talk at a later date! I look forward to collaborating!
What's your email so we can get in contact over psn. I do not want to reveal my details over a public site!
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