1. M

    Gaming Looking for Collab on Fortnite, Cod, Etc...( PS4 )

    Hey guys, Im starting up a brand new channel and I am looking for some others to collab with for videos. I’m 16 and I have experience as I previously had a channel with 1k subs but I stopped posting to it. I love playing cod, especially zombies as I am almost master prestige and make sure to do...
  2. TrxZrr

    Gaming Looking For A Collab On PC/ A Trickshotting Clan/Goup

    PC games I have Minecraft, COD BO3, Gmod, TABZ, WarFrame, Air Brawl, Fistful Of Frags and Fortnite Battle Royal! get in contact with me! my Discord is TrxTrr #3812 if I don't answer to your friend request give me time things I want from a collab -Preferably if he/she does not swear its ok if...
  3. YT Kaye2DaJaye

    Gaming Youtube Team Starting Now (XBOX ONE)

    First things first id like to introduce myself.... My Name is KayeJaye, But you can call me Kaye for Short.. or call me 5'7 cause i am short. If your a lady then you can just call me "Tonight." :) *cringe alert* .....Anyways Im 22, Born In Virginia, But Stay in North Carolina. I am currently...
  4. Dylan4564


    Hey everyone, im a 15 year old kid looking for someone to collab with, here are some requirements! -Be prepared to play as a group. -Must have a PC NO OTHER CONSOLE! -Above 10 subs -High quality equipment (professional banner, 720p/1080p recording, decent mic and decent PC). -age...
  5. I

    Gaming Looking for friends to record on PS4 (like Vanoss)

    Hey guys. Im a small YT channel with like 100+ subs and I am looking for a team to play with and have fun in games like GTA 5 and bo3 for now. Looking to expand when WW2 comes out. I already have like 2-3 people and would like to get as many as I can. I would love it if we can have fun like...
  6. TheFluffyKing

    Gaming collab with anyone around 100 subs with xbox1:Bo3,Bo2,Minecraft,Overwatch

    i need some youtubers that have around 100 subs to play xbox one and collab with... some of the games i will be playing are bo2, bo3, overwatch,minecraft, if interested send me message on xbox one:TheFluffyKing55
  7. soldatcat

    Video idea (bo3)

    I had an idea lately for a challenge where I use one of those random weapon generators for Bo3 and have to use that class for a whole game of either FFA and team death match but I don't know what the penalty would be? Also I don't know if its worth doing because I feel like nobody would watch it...
  8. CoreyPlays

    Guys another funny/ Scary Bo3 game :D

    Join me today to find out how a spider crawled in my mouth and bit me :/
  9. SaNe Clan

    Black Ops 3 SaNe Clan Montage

    We love putting together these types of montages. Please give me some feedback on what you think!
  10. MoTuberGaming

    Gaming PS4 Black Ops 3 CollabS / No Sub Requirement

    Hey My name is MO and i have YouTube channel called Mo Tuber and i am 19 year looking for people who love to play black ops 3, i am level 1000 Prestige master and i love trolling so if you want to collaborate shoot me a Email Only : Thanks Here Is my YouTube Channel: MoTuber
  11. georgeisland

    Gaming xbox one BO3 collabs /squad

    hello gamers I am George I am just a youtuber who just started and wants a squad or people to collab with
  12. Nutella

    Gaming XBOX ONE BO3 COLLAB (50+ SUBS)

    Hey guys i'm looking to do a COD BO3 collab, possibly a 1v1 with someone that has at least 50 subs let me know :)
  13. DxpeMikes

    Gaming Ps4/PC gaming group

    Yoo, its Metro/Mikes. I am looking for a group of serious youtubers who wish to form a gaming group to collaborate with in the near future. Your subscriber amount does not matter but there are a few requirements. Requirements Must be 15 - 20 Must have ps4/pc Must be entertaining and...
  14. T

    Gaming XBOX One/YouTube Collabs

    Hey there! I'm looking for people to either help or collaborate for videos! I play BO3, Fifa, 2K, GTA, Rocket League. I mainly play those but have many other games so just ask and I might have it! I'm 18 and have 29 subs but any help works! If you would like to collab sometime comment on a video...
  15. Nutella

    Gaming Channel (Black Ops 3)

    I upload Competitive Call of duty and Montages ;D
  16. R

    Gaming Collab anyone?

    Game: overwatch, bo3, destiny Platform: ps4 Number of People:any amount Timezone: UTC-05:00 Age:14 I'm open to make a collaboration video with anyone ! :) I play on ps4 and I just wanna have fun making videos if you want to make a video just reply and i will send you my skype/ psn. Psn-...
  17. TheDirectorsOfGaming

    FIREBREAK - PURIFIER! (Black Ops 3 I Use Every Callsign Series)

  18. J

    YouTube channel

    Hi I am a cod YouTuber. My YouTube channel is Atomic Winner. I would greatly appreciate feedback.
  19. Allied

    Gaming PS4 Only Collab! (339 Subs!)

    I am a YouTuber 14 years of age, I have exactly 339 subscribers! Me and my 3 other mates are looking for others that are chilled and fun to play with to record some vids! Requirements: - Must be at least 14 years of age. (Exceptions could be made) - Must have a PS4. - Must own GTA 5, BO3 and...
  20. DrPretzel

    Gaming Looking to do a Collab video with anyone (PS4)

    Hey guys im looking for anyone that is willing to do a collab video on the PS4 with games like Overwatch, BO3, Battlefield 4. my PSN is DrPretzelMC. Please also take a look at my channel
  21. JuicyJustinYT

    Gaming looking for a PS4 collaberation

    50 sub YouTube channel, i dont care about the size of yours, i will collab regardless. Looking for a bo3 or r6 siege collab. reply or message me on psn if interested PSN- xX42_Justin_42Xx
  22. S

    Gaming Looking for Collaborations on XBOX ONE, (BO3, FIFA16, MINECRAFT)

    Hey guys so im just looking for someone to do some collaborations with on youtube, i currently have 22 subscribers, and am quite excited about it, should be good fun! if youre interested just lemme know! :D
  23. D

    Gaming Under 16 Xbox One Collabs - Funny Moments & More!

    Looking for channels wanting to collab on the xbox one. ENGLISH!!! Games: Rocket League Black Ops 3 Rainbow Six Siege The Crew FIFA 17 (when it comes out) Requirements: 1) Under 16 2) Xbox Live Gold 3) Mic for Xbox Chat 4) Under 100 Subs (so we can grow together)
  24. M

    Gaming PS4 BO3 Lets go for FaZe! #FaZe5Soon!

    So if you watch FaZe, FaZe Blaziken said soon there will be a FaZe 5 and FaZe is literally a goal for me. And I would want to join as a content creature and I need some help and we will benefit from this together. I want to make a group to collab together, like we make trickshotting videos on...
  25. CJH Gaming

    Gaming PS4 Collabs?

    Hey, my name is Chris or CJH Gaming, im 16 and am from Ireland, as you may or may not have guessed from the avatar. i have recently started my new channel and have currently amassed around 45 subs. Im looking for some fun people who can have a laugh while playing channel is mostly...
  26. MetricateGames

    Gaming Collaboration With Me! (6,000 Subs)

    I'm looking for people around my channel size (some acceptations can be made if content is really good and you have a presentable channel) I play games such as Call of Duty and Minecraft (both on separate channels) so if your channel is based around one of these games, reply to this post and I...
  27. Nutella

    Black ops 3 Competitive Montage Trailer

  28. TaiFighter

    Could you help me out please!

    it what be awesome if some of you come and checked out my YouTube channel and some of my videos! If you leave a comment saying what you think about the video I might go back and check on your channel! -thanks, TaiFighterVideo link:
  29. LandofDucks

    Gaming So you want to know what to Improve on your channel AND get a Shoutout?

    Hey guys, I have started a brand new seires over on my channel, This series is all about YOU! Each episode I will pick 3 channels to review and give advice on what you can improve on the make your channel look that much better and things that will help you grow! If you like what you are...
  30. Nutella

    Competitive Call of Duty!

    What's up guys my name is Nutella and i play Competitive Call of Duty (Mainly SND). I uplaod clutch clips,Montages, Funny moments, and more! Check my Channel out to see what im all about!