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50 sub YouTube channel, i dont care about the size of yours, i will collab regardless. Looking for a bo3 or r6 siege collab. reply or message me on psn if interested

PSN- xX42_Justin_42Xx
helllo, i noticed your thread for a PS4 Colab and im willing to do it with you, my PSN is 'DrPretzelMC'. also what games do you play?
yo my channel has over 80 subs, id be down to collab. by psn is DTMC1, and i play mainly cod, but also rocket league or gta[DOUBLEPOST=1471466870,1471466686][/DOUBLEPOST]i checked out your channel and i love it. i do funny moments too[DOUBLEPOST=1471466885][/DOUBLEPOST]yo deserve my sub