rainbow 6 siege

  1. Merciiless

    New Siege Video!

    Hey guys! I just uploaded a new video and would love to hear some feedback. If you really enjoy it a like/subscribe would be much appreciated!
  2. jamsterkid

    Rainbow 6 Siege - Funny Moments: Part 2

    A couple people seemed to enjoy our last video, so here's part 2. Thanks to those that helped with the making of the video, providing footage, etc. And a huge thanks to those few that left comments on the last video letting me know they liked it!
  3. jamsterkid

    Rainbow 6 Siege - Funny Moments

    So I'm just getting back into things after being away from YouTube for a long while. I had an old channel and got to about 1500 subs, but I got inactive and stuff. I'm being more lenient with this, going for quality over quantity on videos. Let me know your opinion?
  4. iMovieKing

    Gaming Looking For Rainbow Six Siege Collab

    Hey guys I'm Matt, 18 years old and a college freshman. Im looking for someone or multiple people that want to collaborate on Siege. I make some edits but I also do gameplay. I currently have 89 subs and If you're interested you can message me: XBL: @Revel360 Twitter: @themhtofficial DM on...
  5. J

    Gaming Collaboration

    Hey guys I'm Jordan but people call me justcausejordan on YouTube I have 126 subscribes and im 18 years old I'd like to collaborate with someone around the same subscriber count as I am and have good mic quality..thank you Games I have: Rainbow Six Siege Grand Theft Auto 5 Console:Ps4...
  6. PandaPlayz

    Gaming Collab for PS4 anyone?

    Hey I'm just a small gaming channel with around 86 subscribers, I was looking for someone to collaborate with on Ps4. I mainly play FPS games like, Overwatch, Call Of Duty, Rainbow 6 Siege, ect. just message me if you want to do a collaboration for YouTube! PS4 Username: Puckles_The_Cat0...
  7. JuicyJustinYT

    Gaming looking for a PS4 collaberation

    50 sub YouTube channel, i dont care about the size of yours, i will collab regardless. Looking for a bo3 or r6 siege collab. reply or message me on psn if interested PSN- xX42_Justin_42Xx
  8. D

    Gaming PS4 collab rainbow six drive and other games.

    Hey, I'm looking for people with all types of YouTube experience to help me grow as a youtuber. I'm 20yrs old and pursuing my passion for commentary. I'm am pretty funny and very good at r6 as well as other games. My psn is DJ_murka_goon or reply to this thread I'm on often. I have a great mic...
  9. Puck Mitchell

    Hello, once again! I NEED YOU! [finger point]

    Alo Elo! This is an introduction to my channel. I'd say it is a little different but I had fun making it and I hope you enjoy the fruits of that labour! Enjoy! You can critique as much as you like, it is how I ended up making this! - ThePuckingtonReborn
  10. S

    Gaming Collab multiple games, PC only, occasionally stream

    Hey guys. I want to do collaborative vids with a group of 3 - 5. Games: Rainbow 6 Siege PayDay 2 Cs:Go Cards against humanity Garry's Mod (sandbox, ttt, murderer, hide'n'seek, prop hunt, horror maps) CoD: WaW zombies (custom maps) CoD: BO II zombies Block and Load (not so much) REQUIREMENTS...
  11. Kxmier

    Gaming Anyone want to collab for funny moments videos (Ps4 - Rainbow Six Siege)

    Search up my youtube channel - Kxmier Current subs - 52 Current views - 514 I'm a 15 yr old gamer that is looking for funny people that have mics (no s****y mics) and have at-least 50 or more subs to collaborate, I'm not trying to collab with some little kids doing YouTube squeaking.