1. DxpeMikes


    I am looking for a group of serious youtubers who I can collaborate with in the near future. We will look to play such games as CoD, GTA 5, Rocket league,, and more. Requirements Ages 15-20 Must have good channel art Entertaining/funny Good English To get into contact with...
  2. zonarylongshot

    Gaming Looking for collab on PC and Xbox1 playing minecraft, bo3 and more.

    Hey guys, I'm looking for people to collab with on minecraft (PC) and on other games on the Xbox one. I am up for collaborations with multiple people or just the 2 of us as long as we all get along. All I ask is that you live in the UK as it will be easier to play and record at the same, and to...
  3. C

    Gaming I'm a small channel looking for Collabs

    I'm a small gaming channel with 26 subs and want to do a collaboration on streams. I play cod Warframe and Gta5 on PS4 I'm looking to Collab with YouTubers with 15 subs and more so come do some streams and we can grow our small channels!!!
  4. Nathan Mern

    Gaming [XBox One] Gaming Group

    Hey Peeps, Right now I am just looking for any amount of people who would want to record a collab video. I am looking for - People with Gta V or CoD Bo3 (I am really bad at CoD) - Has a decent looking channel - Could record with me (get their perspective) - I don't care about sub count...
  5. DxpeMikes

    Gaming Looking for a PS4 gaming partner/Team

    Hey, I am looking for serious youtubers who I can work with in the future for long term purposes. Requirements PS4 Age 14-19 Entertaining not dull Any amount of subscribers As a group we could discuss the certain games we will collaborate but CoD, GTA 5, Rocket league will be the main games...
  6. Christopher Schulze

    Gaming [Open 0 of 2] Youtube collaboration?; 2K, B03, GTA 5

    I would prefer someone with quality content above 10 subscribers. Steps to be one of the two picked 1. Comment your youtube channel URL below 2. That is literally it, if I think we would work well together you will hear from me on your channel!
  7. TaVRoS Evolve

    Gaming Ps4, long term collaboration

    Hi! My name is Brandon, i have been posting to youtube a little under 3 months now and i am looking for someone to collab with. Im 15 and i would like someone around my age to collab with YOU MUST HAVE A MIC. My sub count is 85 right now and i am looking for someone with atleast 50 so we can...
  8. E

    Gaming (PS4/PC Collab)

    Hey guys, so im looking to do PS4/PC Collabs PS4 Games - GTA V/Minecraft/BO3/Destiny/Rainbow Six Siege PC Games - Roblox I am looking to collab with any channels as atm im only small with 7 subscribers but i upload daily content You must be over 13 - no squeaky voices! and a all right mic...
  9. L33allmighty

    Gaming PS4 black ops 3 CLAN!!!

    hi my name is lee. i have recently started a youtube channel. what i want is a few good BO3 players to play with on a regular basis to help improve my content, although i would say im ok at the game being stuck with a bunch of noobs that are trying to use rocket launchers and such is not...
  10. TheKillaaah

    Gaming Looking for someone to collab with on PS4 & PC (200+ Subs)

    PLS NO LITTLE KIDS OR SQUEAKY VOICES LOL I want to collab with someone that is Chill Af. Must be at least 14+ years i guess but i dont want to play with little kid screaming into their mic with a squeaky voice lol. It doesn't matter if you have a funny or weird laugh because i do too, I can...
  11. R

    Gaming BO3 GameBattles?

    I would like to play competitive Black Ops 3 on PS4. I already play gamebattles on Xbox one and my team's record is 25-16. I have a solid 2.2 KDR. If anyone wants to do gamebattles OR just pubs. Message me @RoyalHyP3 on Twitter. The only requirements are; Good microphone, Atleast 14 years old...
  12. M

    Gaming PS4 Black Ops 3 Collaberation

    -Hi guys, im new to youtube and i have currently 15 subscribers on my channel "Merky" -Im looking for a teenager who produces good content simular to mine with a half decent mic, like the blue yeti or the blue snowball. -If you believe you can match my criteria for this collab, feel free to...
  13. BananaCupcake123

    Gaming PS4 Collab?

    Hey my name is Daniel. looking for someone to do a collab on black ops 3 or gta 5 on the ps4? requirements. -14 or older (i'm 14) u can be 13. so just 13 or older. -must have psn. -and i don't really care how many subs or likes or views you have. (i'm just starting so i have 1 sub) -and i think...
  14. SaNe Clan


    Well, we just hit 100 Subs so we're pretty pumped. At first we didn't think this clan would go this far, but here we are! This is huge...:bounce:
  15. A.BarryYT

    BO3 Zombies Funny Moments - Big Zombie, Quiet Scream, & Diamonds!

  16. O


    Can somebody check my recent video out and tell me how the controller noise is and how I can get rid of it!
  17. Shehzad

    I Am Cursed! - Black Ops 3 Live Commentary

    What is up guys today I'll be telling you why I am doomed to walk this earth with a curse. I'll be telling you what happens to all the communities I have joined and how am basically a locust In hiding that destroys everything. Enjoy the commentary.
  18. TTC

    Gaming Ps4 Collab! Need Youtubers To Feature! Bo3! AND SHOUTOUTS?!

    Hey guys I'm looking for people to collaborate with, I'm thinking about creating a challenge of bo3 ( Kill race with a certain class etc) I need people to feature In this new series! (Ps4) if you guys want to be in it make sure to contact me on. Twitter: Vein_TC YouTube: TTCPRO1 ( If URL...
  19. Shehzad

    Are Shoutout Channels Bad? - Black Ops 3 Live Commentary

    What's up guys am ganna be talking about shoutout channels today and why a lot of them can hurt your views even if you get a ton of subscribers from it. It does not automatically mean you will be getting a lot of views and that your viewer retention will suddenly go up. I'll be talking about...
  20. F

    Gaming collab on Xbox FPS games mostly cod

    Hey, I'm frostedcoder2 and my channel is all about FPS games , I post 3+ Times a week about my best clips in cod or at a different game(mostly cod) . I'm looking to clean with someone that has at least 10 subs post FPS gameplay , (shooter games mostly). Send me a message on one of my vids if...
  21. Shehzad

    Common Supply Drop Openings (x10) - Black Ops 3 Commentary

    Bringing you some common supply drop openings on the black market as well as general commentary to go along with it.
  22. vspecialistv

    "That Punch Tho!" Black Ops 3 Gun Game Multiplayer Gameplay - PS4

    Hi guys, today's video is a Black Ops 3 Gun Game Multiplayer Gameplay. Gun game is soooo fun to play. Thank you for watching and have a great day Destiny was iron banner good: Destiny How to Use Fusions: Follow me at: Twitter: Instagram...
  23. Jorpheus

    Gaming PS4 Collabs - New youtuber

    Hey, I'm a new youtuber (Jorpheus), I'm Irish and 18 years old. I only have 9 subscribers after a week of uploading but hope to increase that! Hoping to find some people to collab with on fifa, gta, minecraft and probably the division when it comes out! Get back to me? :coolshades:
  24. RaPiiDHD

    Black Ops 3 MONTAGE!

  25. vspecialistv

    "The Sparrow Is Amazing" Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Gameplay - PS4

    Hi guys, today's video me using the amazing specialist class in Black Ops 3, the Sparrow. I couldn't miss with it, its hard to get use to it but its worth it, the sparrow is so much to use :D. I was also using the Kuda, the most OP in Black Ops 3 multiplayer, but like the sparrow its fun to use...
  26. Shehzad

    The Worst Match Ever - BO3 Multiplayer Commentary (Headshot Challenge)

    Alright guys a week into BO3 and already I set myself a headshot challenge. The game ends up turning me from a calm monk to an angry maniac. Hope you guys enjoy, will carry on the with this series later on. This match was so legit...
  27. Gameoverjack


    This is GOJ DESIGN'S Call Of Duty BO3 YOUTUBE/TWITCH BANNER, LOGO AND TWITTER HEADER for you guys to use in your youtube/twitch channels !!! And its free !!! LEAVE A COMMENT IF YOU WANT THE BANNER !!!
  28. Shehzad

    Fallout 4 DLC Releases, Runescape Legends, BO3 Multiplayer Pack & More - Gaming News

    Fallout 4 is getting 3 DLC's this year and I'm not all that exited for them. Runescape does a hearthstone and brings it's own card game to open beta In March. We also get Call Of Duty BO3 Multiplayer pack for a limited time on steam. And I also mention some quick info in the video as well. Watch...
  29. twichastro

    Gaming Any CoD XboX One/360 Sniping/Trickshotting Collab!

    Hi my name is Alex aka Slik Astro and i am looking for someone to play CoD or known as Call of Duty with, i mostly snipe and trickshot. My gamertag is Twich Astro and you must have SKYPE! My skype is EnZi Astro...