Gaming Would be awesome to Collab on Overwatch (PS4)!

Hey All!

I've been looking for people to collab with on Overwatch for PS4 with one major objective: have lots of fun!

Here is the quick list:
  1. Have a YouTube channel OR want to start a channel.
  2. Age: I'm good with any as long as you don't take things too seriously.
  3. Mentality: Must NOT be toxic when playing games. This is the MOST IMPORTANT requirement. Just have fun and let's create some awesome content!
Contact Info​

There are so many different ways to get a hold of me, it's ridiculous. Here we go:
  1. Send me a PM on here (YTTalk) or reply to this thread
  2. PM me on Twitter: @RealCuriousJack
  3. Send me a message on my FB page:
  4. Add me on PSN & msg me: CuriousJack
  5. Send me a msg on my YouTube channel:
Actually communicating when gaming:
  1. Skype (my name says Curious.Jack, but it also isn't(?) Blame Microsoft. Not sure what's going on there.)
  2. HIGHLY PREFERRED & RECOMMENDED: Discord (it's free and it's amazing, 90% of the time). Check it out if you don't have it already ( My username: CuriousJack.

Best Times
Whenever we get a chance to collab will work for me. I am planning to have these collab videos posted Saturdays, so as long as it's captured, I'm flexible. We can talk about this on Skype/Discord/msg/email/etc.

Thanks and hope to see you soon!