overwatch collab

  1. Nate MeatySauce

    Gaming Looking for some fun gaming youtubers to collab with

    Hey guys so lately iv'e been wanting to meet knew people and collab on some videos. So i'm posting this to see if i can get a fun crew going on. The only things i ask as requirements is.. -Be Mature -Be funny -have a youtube channel -play on PC -And make sure your channel link works so i can...
  2. LionDude12

    Gaming Overwatch group collab!

    Looking to collab with boys and girls on overwatch videos. People from 15 to 17 ideally. It would be us just doing stupid stuff lol. Swearing or no swearing i dont really care tho. If your intrested then just email me at liondude12@gmail.com or comment down bellow with a way to contact you haha.
  3. Z

    Gaming Overwatch video group (Xbox One)

    Hey everyone! Overwatch is my favourite multiplayer game, and just happens to be great fun to record with a lot of potential for entertaining videos!! I'm interested in Overwatch centric gamers (not exclusively, just people that love to play the game!) to record with, anything from Competitive...
  4. TheOmegaOni

    Gaming PC Collab - 275+ Subs - Funny Moments Videos - Read Requirements

    I am looking to do an Overwatch And/OR Battlefield 1 PC collab for a simple funny moments video, or we can plan some sort of other parody styled video. I am not doing Minecraft or any MOBAs. While I have done two satire Minecraft videos, that's not what I'm looking to do for a collab, and I...
  5. B

    Gaming Putting together Overwatch team!(PC)

    Hello, My name is BurntNuggs or just Nuggs for short and I am putting together an Overwatch team to record various light-hearted videos. You don't need to be amazing at it but you must have a sense of humor. I was hoping to get a Discord chat for planning recording times so try and make sure you...
  6. T

    Gaming Looking for Collab Mainly *Overwatch* 13-16 years old

    Im looking for someone to collab with. Requirements: -have at least 10 subs -must be 13-16. Anything lower or higher would just be weird -must have at least one of these games: Overwatch, Paladins, Tf2 -have a decent mic with not much background noise -must be on Europe -must have a decent...
  7. O

    Gaming Overwatch XB1 Collab

    My YouTube Partner and I were looking for collabs on Overwatch (Xbox 1) Our channel is Overwatch Core if you wanna check out the types of videos we post. We are looking for someone to play competitive with us and other things such as mini games and more. If you are interested reply to this...
  8. Curious.Jack

    Gaming Would be awesome to Collab on Overwatch (PS4)!

    Hey All! I've been looking for people to collab with on Overwatch for PS4 with one major objective: have lots of fun! REQUIREMENTS Here is the quick list: Have a YouTube channel OR want to start a channel. Age: I'm good with any as long as you don't take things too seriously. Mentality: Must...
  9. Eyezak

    "WHAT IS GOING ON?!" | Overwatch 1v1s - #1

    Worked really hard on this video, hope you all enjoy!
  10. FernandoMask

    Gaming People that want to play Overwatch (PC)

    Leave your num tag of overwatch in the comments...
  11. Eyezak

    Gaming Overwatch PC Collaborations!

    Hi! I've been looking for people who have Overwatch on PC to collaborate with for a channel that I'm starting up soon. My other channel (which is a Minecraft channel) isn't really my most favorite thing anymore. I am more interested in recording other games now. Requirements: 1. Must have...
  12. OrcBit

    Gaming Overwatch Collab videos

    Hello guys This is my first post on this forum and I have never really used forums like these before so I'm really excited to see how this goes. Overwatch is releasing in a couple of days and I'm gonna be playing it (a alot!) Anyone here up for doing some collab videos or just play together...