Gaming PC Collab - 275+ Subs - Funny Moments Videos - Read Requirements


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I am looking to do an Overwatch And/OR Battlefield 1 PC collab for a simple funny moments video, or we can plan some sort of other parody styled video. I am not doing Minecraft or any MOBAs.
While I have done two satire Minecraft videos, that's not what I'm looking to do for a collab, and I think two was enough, haha.
-Some stuff I say can be wrong at times, or just stupid, so have a decent or similar sense of humor/ don't get offended easily.
-My channel is a gaming funny moments and satire channel, and I play on PC only, so that's what I'm looking for :D
-Anyone with an active community of atleast 200+ subscribers. I have 353 currently, if you were wondering.
-If you've got great content, I can make an exception for sub count.
-Must have a decent mic and recording software.
-Be atleast over 15 years old/have a fairly deep voice.
-Average views of atleast 30 or more.
-Must have quality content, meaning well edited, fps above 30 so it doesn't look like a PowerPoint, and 720p+ HD quality.
-Must reside in the US (This is simply for better communication, and for better game server latency purposes).

How to get in touch with me if you meet requirements and are interested:
-My skype is under deitylink4567, my Skype nickname should be "2 N D A R Y"

-We will talk about the collab, our channels, and when the collab will happen there.
-Because I have school and a job, there will be times when it just isn't possible for me
to do it, so don't be too surprised if I don't hit you up fast enough or have something going
on, but for the most part I should be free for the next few weeks and such.

Thank you!
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