1. Lightingbane(martiz)

    Gaming Looking For PC gaming collabs with other small/new creators.

    Hello! Im looking to do Collabs with other small and new youtubers, hopefully if we get along well and mesh together we can form a lasting Friendship :) Requirements: Subs, None Age, 18+(Personally im 23) Games: League of Legends, Overwatch, Valhiem, CIV6, Stellaris, Rainbow 6, Smash Brothers...
  2. jacksstudios

    Gaming Looking for a collaboration on overwatch and others as well

    Hi I'm looking to make some new videos on over watch and would love for someone to join me so if your interested send me a message or email me @ jacksstudios@icloud.com
  3. Jovan Luna

    Gaming PC//Looking for some lit folks to play games with

    I'm really trying to get into creating new videos for my YT channel but need new people to chill with. I'm honestly down to play anything, but rn I really only play Call of duty, Fortnite, Overwatch, and Rainbow Six Siege. If you're down just HMU!
  4. Strobelite Gaming

    Music Looking for female vocalist for an overwatch parody

    hey all, looking for a female singer to do a cover of crush by Tessa violet. the parody will be based around overwatch and specifically Brigitte. If you are interested please leave a comment and I will send you the instrumental and a version of me singing it for reference. any questions are...
  5. C

    Gaming PS4 Gaming (Overwatch?)

    Hello! I am looking for more people to play with on PS4. I definitely prefer to find more people to play Overwatch with. If there's anyone 16+ out there looking to find other players that would be perfect! I am a very baby channel so anyone would be greatly appreciated!
  6. DTay Chaos

    Gaming Looking for a Funny Moments group ASAP! (Ps4)

    Hey My name is DTay I currently have 629 subscribers and im trying to boost my following and grow my channel im starting to better my content and reach out to more people to collab with If anyone would like to form a "Funny Moments Group" for Overwatch, Fortnite, and Friday The 13th, Gang...
  7. DTay Chaos

    Gaming (PS4)Looking for Fortnite/Overwatch Group TODAY!

    Hey My name is DTay I currently have 629 subscribers and im trying to boost my following and grow my channel im starting to better my content and reach out to more people to collab with If anyone would like to form a "Funny Moments Group" for overwatch and fortnite but these players must also...
  8. Justine

    Overwatch Has "Weak Diversity"

    Apparently, the most diverse FPS that's been out since 2016 is incredibly weak when it comes to diversity...or thats just what this article is saying. From Doomfist being the "only black hero" to Symmetras devi skin being offensive, lets break down this article that further proves that "game...
  9. I

    Gaming Group Gaming Collab

    Hi, my name is Adam and I'm 19 years old in the USA playing on PC. I create mature content based not only on the games I play, but the people that i share my time with. My former group of friends I would collaborate with have become very inactive and as a result I have as well. So I'm looking...
  10. RioIsntHere

    Gaming Looking For Gaming collab Or To Put Together A Small Group.

    I saw some funny videos online of Going into custom games and it was hilarious! Yeah yeah I know what your thinking! “Your only 15 bruv” well I don’t care! I just wanna have fun! Please at least be under 20, I have games like overwatch etc However we can play a different multiplayer game xD...
  11. Smashin Bros Games

    Overwatch - Quick Play Highlights (Pharah's Air Support)

  12. Spuntillian

    First Time Doomfist (haven't played Overwatch in 9 months lol)

    Wanna see the worst Doomfist player of all time? Well you've come to the right guy, cus i know i frickin' am, Jesus. :bounce: Anyways, thanks for watching guys, support to my channel is always appreciated by anyone ^^:bounce:
  13. ParalyshisGaming

    Overwatch 1v1 Mystery Duel - It get's INTENSE

  14. Ella Vo

    Overwatch Blizzard World - Hybrid World

  15. Kimblebee

    Gaming Looking for someone to collab with PS4, possibly PC games!

    I'm a super small YouTuber, I just started 5 days ago and am at 22 subscribers (like I said, SUPER small). But I'm just looking for someone to do some collab videos with and even just to play with. Some of my Ps4 games: Overwatch Fortnight Paragon Rocket league Battlefield 1 (haven't played...
  16. MultiDragon129


    OVERWATCH FUNNY MOMENTS | MOIRA UGLY YO! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Me along with Ricdragonzr4u and Grandheritic are playing...
  17. Justine

    My Crazy Stoner Roommate | Storytime + Gameplay

    So I haven't really done a storytime with some gameplay in the background in a long time, but since I just finished my first semester of college at a university, I have some pretty good stories to tell. Starting with how my roommate, who thankfully dropped out, tried to frame me for possession...
  18. MultiDragon129


    OVERWATCH lol GAMEPLAY 2017 Series | NEW CHARACTER --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey everybody, it’s MultiDragon129! Back for more Overwatch the hype train is gone...
  19. H

    Gaming Looking for PS4 youtubers

    hey guys im looking for a group of people to collaborate with on youtube. I have a channel with 30+ subscribers which isn't but everyone has to start somewhere. The type of vibe im looking for is a Joking type of vibe not to serious just a group of people having fun and making videos such as...
  20. C


    Hey guys. I'm a graphic designer who likes to play video games, so I am making a channel! I don't make many videos yet but when I do I like to play with people who are enjoyable to play with Please be: 14 years of age or older Be a nice, funny person Have any cool games (In the title of the...
  21. Chancealot


    Hey everyone I would really appreciate it if you could check out my Overwatch video. If you enjoy it please share the video and subscribe to my channel because I only have 6 subs right now and I am looking to grow larger with each video. Thank you soooo much!!!
  22. Justine

    Overwatch is Offensive (Not Really)

    So I found an article a few weeks about talking about how Overwatch is Offensive, and this article honestly feels like one big case of "I'm offended on behalf of people" so I though I should dig into it and talk about how Overwatch really isn't offensive...unless you make it that way. Thanks...
  23. Justine

    Drunk Overwatch!

    So I decided to be the college student I am and go drink with a few of my friends last week. However, I stupidly decided to record myself playing overwatch while being pretty intoxicated, and here's the results of that. Surprisingly, I actually play better when I'm drunk and that kinda triggers...
  24. Justine

    (deleted video due to editing stuff yay)

    I made the wonderful mistake of getting intoxicated with some friends and walking back to my dorm last weekend. What'd I do when I got back to my dorm? Only the smartest thing possible, play Overwatch and record how surprisingly decent I am at playing while slightly (more live very) intoxicated...
  25. K

    Gaming Looking for ps4 gamers female and male to be YouTube friends with and collab

    I mostly play like 2k Wwe A little overwatch Friday the 13th Naruto Destiny Warfare Nba live Battlefield 1 Rocket league (for fun) But down to play other games Just want to find people who wants to have fun on YouTube but not just guys I want to have a diversity it doesn't have to be a group...
  26. Yee zhade

    Gaming looking to make a youtube group on pc

    hey am 14-year old youtube from EU looking to make a youtube group what you need if you want to join you only need a pc EU or USA but is okay not be from there to join you just need to very funny have a good mic it doesn't matter how old you are as long as you don't have a squeaky voice...
  27. Justine

    OVERWATCH IS GAY (totally not clickbait)

    So, theres a trend on Tumblr, in every fandom but especially in the overwatch fandom, where people hate on heterosexual ships yet worship, and almost fetishize, homosexual ships. Let's talk about some of the arguments against straight ships and why Tumblrs logic of saying "everyone is gay" so...
  28. DTay Chaos

    Gaming Overwatch/Friday The 13th Ps4 Group

    PSN: DTayTheGod Must Have: - A mic - 100+ ( For helping eachother grow a little faster) - Sense of humor lol - 16+ Yrs old (Not to be strict or rude but there is a lot of childish 12 year olds on overwatch lol) - can record somewhat frequently Im planning on recording today if i have time
  29. JustRonin

    Gaming Overwatch Stream Collaboration (PC Only)

    Hey guys, firstly, I do have to say that I want to stick to a certain age range which for me is 15-19 at least (I'm 17 myself) but I'm basically just looking for some chill people to have fun and potentially do some streams with. I live in Australia so I would prefer if you lived within the...
  30. LionDude12

    Gaming Overwatch group collab!

    Looking to collab with boys and girls on overwatch videos. People from 15 to 17 ideally. It would be us just doing stupid stuff lol. Swearing or no swearing i dont really care tho. If your intrested then just email me at liondude12@gmail.com or comment down bellow with a way to contact you haha.