1. Maxim Malakjan

    Gaming German Gaming

    Looking for some people to play with. German-speaking people preffered. Minecraft Overwatch Doom Titanfall2 PlayerGround Unknown
  2. Abdullahx9000

    Gaming Looking for FUN on PC.

    Hello there! I am Abdullahx9000, 16 years old, full of energy and laughs a lot. I only play games for fun and don't really care about Copetetive or ranked play. I have around 550 subscribers and growing pretty fast. The games I record are: Rainbow Six Siege MineCraft OverWatch PayDay 2 Minimum...
  3. YT Kaye2DaJaye

    Gaming Youtube Team Starting Now (XBOX ONE)

    First things first id like to introduce myself.... My Name is KayeJaye, But you can call me Kaye for Short.. or call me 5'7 cause i am short. If your a lady then you can just call me "Tonight." :) *cringe alert* .....Anyways Im 22, Born In Virginia, But Stay in North Carolina. I am currently...
  4. Justine


    Back by popular (not really) demand, have some totally relaxing and totally not rage filled very very serious ASMR Overwatch gameplay! Okay, let's be honest, I'm probably the most toxic and offensive player on Overwatch and this video just showcases it. Oops. Thanks for taking some time out of...
  5. Justine

    SSSniperwolf: The Professional Victim

    I'm finally back from the dead and decided to make a commentary video on my favorite gaming channel on youtube: SSSniperwolf. I personally don't like her content but seeing how she treats other people, especially during live streams and on twitter/Instagram, really makes me wonder if she's...
  6. D

    Gaming Collaborations [PC]

    Am looking for someone to collab with...I play PUBG,CS-GO,Overwatch Mainly But I have a lot of games
  7. Sven Snider

    Gaming Looking for Youtubers - Fortnite and Overwatch

    Hello, Me (6k subs) and my buddy HardcoreNoob (30k subs) are looking for some YouTubers to play some games with! We play a lot of Fortnite and starting to get more into Overwatch. - Do you own one of the two games mentioned? - Do you have a decent microphone? - Are you free to play on a...
  8. P

    Gaming PC Gaming Video Collaborations/Group

    Hello, I am Pixel Phoenix. I am 15 and make youtube videos. I have almost all of the games you can think of. Garry's Mod, Overwatch, CSGO, Rust, GR Wildlands, Far Cry 4, Player Unknowns, L4D, JC3 Multiplayer, Dead By Daylight, Rocket League, and others. I am down to buy new ones if necessary...
  9. Crixifa

    Overwatch - Mystery Heroes (rip keyboard)

  10. Coolishsum

    Overwatch | Part 3: So many connection issues!

    Hey guys, check out my latest video. I got some friends together and played around in arcade!
  11. Coolishsum

    A new gaming channel!!

    Hey guys, i'm Coolishsum, and i just started a gaming channel and would appreciate any support. I will primarily be playing games with friends and single player horror games. I play only on Xbox but might play some smaller pc games. I mostly plan on playing Overwatch, Battlefield one, Outlast...
  12. Crixifa

    Overwatch - Doomfist Story Reaction

  13. Crixifa

    Overwatch - Guess the Lines

    Decided to take this quiz because I felt like I knew everything after playing this game for a year, guess not :(
  14. theashershow

    Gaming OVERWATCH [PC] Collab 1,000+ Subs

    Hey, I'm Asher And I have a channel with over 4.6K subscribers and I am looking for some fun people to collab with. Mainly PC Games..ie/: - Overwatch, PlayersUnknown Battlegrounds, Gmod I am looking for people: - That are Fun and engergetic - who have at least 1000 subscribers - who are over...
  15. JustSisterThings

    Overwatch :: We're all Doomfist now!

    New hero, new video! The Overwatch addicts that we are, we HAD to try out the new, long waited hero of Overwatch: Doomfist!
  16. JustSisterThings

    Overwatch :: The Overwatch Space Program

    We tried out the new patch of Overwatch that came out a couple of weeks ago. It was so much fun and hopefully it will come back. See for yourself if we are fit to go into space or not...
  17. StraightupDENCH

    Gaming i need a carry pls xbox one ow

    Lads i don't care about your sub count, quality of content, race, age (assuming you're not just out of the womb) or gender (I mean females are pretty cool I guess), all I want is a new mate that can get me out of plat and make funnies as we go. I know any pc players reading this are prolly...
  18. Quick Question

    Does Overwatch Suck? #SPOILERS

    Overwatch explained in less than 5 minutes. The pros, the cons that make this game, a game. Did I elaborate enough? Watch this banging video and subscribe if you want more and I KNOW YOU DO!
  19. Crum

    Gaming FIFA 17 and Overwatch (Xbox One)

    How is it going ladies and gentleants! Currently looking for a collab on either FIFA or Overwatch for Xbox One. Need a decent mic Not bothered about channel size, just if content is good quality! Comment on my channel or get in touch on Twitter if interested! Cheers lads :D Twitter: @crumhd
  20. XTRMlvl

    Killed 5 players on Overwatch

    Quintuple Kill! Come check it out you wont be disappointed!!
  21. PC Noobs Gaming


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  22. XTRMlvl

    Genji went 45 kills (Overwatch)

    I went in on the other team and destroy the backline, come check it out!
  23. Brix

    Making OverWatch Custom Games

    Hey guys, i'm Birk, nice to see you. Me and my friends are making a new OverWatch series. However, i don't want it to be like every other funny moments series. That's why i want to make custom games with fun gamemodes for a different experience to make it unique. I'm wondering if any of you had...
  24. DigiCorner

    Gaming Consistent Collaborations

    Hey everyone. If you've read the title you already know what I'm looking for. Most of the people I have recorded with in the past have either quit YouTube or I have lost contact with them unfortunately. So, I'm looking for some new people who want to collab on anything really! And more than...
  25. XTRMlvl

    Carried to Masters

    I didn't really do anything lmao but got an easy dub!
  26. T

    Gaming Looking for individual or individuals to create videos.

    I am looking for someone to create videos with. You must have: Overwatch And/or Minecraft If you want to play other paid games or free games with me, you need to ask me to make sure I have it. If you are interested leave a reply on this thread or shoot me an email at abharali.100@gmail.com
  27. I

    Gaming Looking For New People To Play With

    Hello my name is Kenomenon Im looking for some people to hang with us and have a vanoss style of playing also, I'm 15 and im looking for 14+ age group but no older than 17, I do YouTube and one day hope to reach 1 thousand subs, I have one other friend named RNF123 and we are looking for...
  28. R

    Gaming Looking For New People To Play With

    Hello my name is RNF123 Im looking for some people to hang with us and have a vanoss style of playing also I'm 13 and im looking for 14+ age group but no older than 17 I do Youtube and one day hope to reach 1 thousand subs I have one other friend named Kenomenon and we are looking for someone...
  29. XTRMlvl

    Genji montage lots of green screen and MLG references

    This video was made with clips I had stored in my computer and they are really great, so I decided to share them and make a funny montage like the one you see from popular overwatch channels but have a spinoff from my own personality and creativity! Come check it out!
  30. NIghtRavenOfficial

    Gaming Click here before anything!!!!

    Whats going on everyone! Night Raven here, Id like to get my channel up and running again! its been a long time since ive posted. since ive got my new PC ive been very eger to start it up again! but i wanna start up with some new friends! people who would be willing to upload atleast 2-3 times a...