Pixel Phoenix

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Hello, I am Pixel Phoenix. I am 15 and make youtube videos. I have almost all of the games you can think of. Garry's Mod, Overwatch, CSGO, Rust, GR Wildlands, Far Cry 4, Player Unknowns, L4D, JC3 Multiplayer, Dead By Daylight, Rocket League, and others. I am down to buy new ones if necessary. I'm good at photoshop, and if we get to be good friends, I will make your graphics if you want them.
Requirments (Simple):
  1. Have a good microphone. Nobody wants to listen to static.
  2. Have some of my games. Not all, just some.
  3. Be AT LEAST my age, please. I may make some exceptions, but I have found 12-14 year olds to be very immature and a hassle to record with.
  4. ^Don't be immature, duh^
  5. Be funny/Have a sense of humor. Just don't yell Harambe ever 10 seconds. That's obnoxious.
  6. Upload a little bit. I don't care about the size of your channel, just be sure to be active.
  7. Be a friendly person. You don't always have to be friendly on camera, but don't be a jerk otherwise.
My discord is PixelPhoenix#9208 and if you have skype, post it in the comments. I DO NOT have Teamspeak. I don't care what gender. Hope to play with you soon! Contact me on my discord or in the comments.

Secret Message :p