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    Gaming PC Gaming Video Collaborations/Group

    Hello, I am Pixel Phoenix. I am 15 and make youtube videos. I have almost all of the games you can think of. Garry's Mod, Overwatch, CSGO, Rust, GR Wildlands, Far Cry 4, Player Unknowns, L4D, JC3 Multiplayer, Dead By Daylight, Rocket League, and others. I am down to buy new ones if necessary...
  2. MrLemonage

    Gaming PS4 Overwatch [English]

    I'm looking for a group of people aged 15-30 who want to play and record Overwatch on PS4 for YouTube. I live in England so it is preferred that you also live in England or nearby countries and must speak fluent or almost perfect English (sorry.) You don't have to be amazing at the game-...
  3. Justine

    STONED AND TRIGGERED |Overwatch Gameplay

    This video was honestly the worst thing to edit because it had a ton of offensive humor in it, but anyways me and my friends did some, depending on the state you like in, illegal things to celebrate a certain holiday and this video was the result. We're a mess, but I hope you like it! Thanks...
  4. Justine

    DIAMOND PROMOTION | Overwatch Gameplay

    I have been playing competitive Overwatch religiously for weeks on end. I spent my entire spring break playing as D.va and trying to rank up to diamond, and today, we're a mere one point away from becoming diamond or staying at platinum. As always, thank you so much for taking some time out of...
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    Support What?

  6. N

    D-League Ramblings | Overwatch

    A cluster bomb of thoughts paired with Overwatch competitive gameplay. Seriously, the flip-flop nature of this commentary is how my brain works a majority of the time. Never a dull moment in my own mind!
  7. N

    Noob Tracer'ing | Overwatch

    Practice makes perfect... or does it?
  8. Justine

    Oversalt! | Overwatch Competitive Gameplay

    So I finally decided to record myself playing a few ranked matches in Overwatch and...needless to say I got pretty salty and spammed thanks a lot. Hey, I never said I wasn't a salty person when playing competitive, I'm just salty 24/7 with this game. As always, thank you so much for taking some...
  9. N

    Step into my Parlor | Overwatch

    Non-meta pick is considered throwing by most, but anything can work as long as you're effective!
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  12. Pichu

    OVERWATCH TYPICAL RAGE - Overwatch Competitive #1

    Skip to 04:30 and 05:55 for the rage! LOL he was so mad!
  13. N

    Ncom's Road to Platinum #3

    This is the 3rd video in my "Road to Platinum" competitive Overwatch series. Please give it a view and let me know what you think. I truly want any and all comments, suggestions, or criticisms. As always, thanks for the support and until next time. See ya!
  14. N

    Road to Platinum #2 | Overwatch Competitive Gameplay

    Need a moment away from the craziness that comes with opening presents, family visits, and too much eggnog? The 2nd video in my "Road to Platinum" competitive Overwatch series is the perfect choice for you. Hope you enjoy!! As always, if you have any suggestions, critiques, or just want to say...
  15. N

    Road to Platinum | Overwatch Competitive Gameplay

    Testing out a new series. I'm a "golden child", aka Gold Tier, in competitive Overwatch so making a Road to Masters or Grand Masters is simply not realistic for me, so I'm setting an achievable goal and we'll go from there. Please let me know what you think of the video, everything from...