Gaming i need a carry pls xbox one ow

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Sep 4, 2014
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Lads i don't care about your sub count, quality of content, race, age (assuming you're not just out of the womb) or gender (I mean females are pretty cool I guess), all I want is a new mate that can get me out of plat and make funnies as we go. I know any pc players reading this are prolly laughing but seriously it's impossible when mynamejefff123 decides "hey you know what I may be a no brain no aim winston main (I'm allowed say this I play winston), and the team does look like it could use a healer or a tank but you know what, I reckon a HANZO would fit in perfectly in a team that already has 4 dps."

I'm 18, I have a dark sense of humour, I'm Irish, I mainly play overwatch xbox one but I have some other games too and I'm writing this thread sleep deprived, funny moment deprived and sr deprived. There's no videos on my channel currently. I privated them all cuz they're an absolute cringe fest. So if you're somewhat similar/okay with that description cool, message my twitter @conveyys and we can chat about playing some more. If not okay.

Just to clarify again I'm looking for a friend to make videos with, have fun and most importantly get me out of plat, not just a collaboration to grow (I genuinely couldn't care less about growth (not saying I don't like growth it's pretty cool like females i guess). I really don't expect to find anyone through this I'm just really salty about losing 100 sr but if it works that's pretty cool i guess.

Anyway if you read this far, I wrote this after going 25 hours without sleep please help me.