I've Got It
Hello there! I am Abdullahx9000, 16 years old, full of energy and laughs a lot. I only play games for fun and don't really care about Copetetive or ranked play. I have around 550 subscribers and growing pretty fast.
The games I record are:
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • MineCraft
  • OverWatch
  • PayDay 2
Minimum Requirements:
  • Good Mic
  • Around 15 years or older
  • Play One of the games above
  • Have around the same subs as I do
  • And being active on youtube and Discord

If you are interested tell me about yourself. If you want to check out my YT Channel, search up Abdullahx9000 (Should be very easy to find). Join my discord server for easier communication, link in every description on my latest videos.
hey I have the requirements and 2 out of 4 games u have but the subscribers... Im at 134 so yeah if you wanna still collab my discord is ReMixz#4895