payday 2

  1. Shehzad

    Trying Out Payday 2 VR - Stream

    Updated my Payday to the VR beta and I've got to say I was really enjoying it. Sweating like crazy after 30 minutes sessions but it's pretty well made.
  2. Abdullahx9000

    Gaming Looking for FUN on PC.

    Hello there! I am Abdullahx9000, 16 years old, full of energy and laughs a lot. I only play games for fun and don't really care about Copetetive or ranked play. I have around 550 subscribers and growing pretty fast. The games I record are: Rainbow Six Siege MineCraft OverWatch PayDay 2 Minimum...
  3. Baylze


    Hello everyone, my name is Bailey, better known as Baylze! If you enjoyed the video, then a like & comment would be much appreciated! If you REALLY liked the video - then subscribe to the channel for more awesome Gaming content! :D ▼▼▼▼▼ SOCIAL STUFF! ▼▼▼▼▼ Facebook | Afraid not. Instagram |...
  4. Abdullahx9000

    Gaming Fun, PC Collab =]

    I am Abdullahx9000, 15 years old (Almost 16, but sound a lot older =] ) My channel has around 130 subscribers and growing pretty fast. I record + Play the following: MineCraft OverWatch Rainbow Six Siege PayDay 2 Min. Requirments: Decent Mic At least 15 years old (or older) Has over 100 Subs...
  5. Abdullahx9000

    Gaming MineCraft, OverWatch, PayDay 2, Rainbow Six Siege COLLAB!

    So I am Abdullahx9000, a 15 Years old YouTuber, Good attitude, funny Thinkings, around 90 Subs and Uploading the Following: MineCraft OverWatch PayDay 2 Rainbow Six siege I would like to collab with someone around my age or higher, you can check out my channel and tell me if you are interested...
  6. Atomicred

    Payday 2 Funny Moments

    I hope you enjoy the video.
  7. HybridVI

    Gaming need people to collab for Payday 2(PC Funny Moments)

    Hey all, i'm looking for 3 people to collab with me to make a payday 2 funny moments video Requirements: - UK Timezone - Age 16+ - Good Sense of Humor - Good Quality Mic - Fluent English Speaker If you are interested be sure to reply on this post with your steam id or your skype! Thanks!
  8. Hyndez

    New Payday 2 series!

    Today i start my new Payday 2 series titled "PAYDAY 2 Many Idiots" and i kick it off with episode 1. Enjoy guys!
  9. S

    Gaming Collab multiple games, PC only, occasionally stream

    Hey guys. I want to do collaborative vids with a group of 3 - 5. Games: Rainbow 6 Siege PayDay 2 Cs:Go Cards against humanity Garry's Mod (sandbox, ttt, murderer, hide'n'seek, prop hunt, horror maps) CoD: WaW zombies (custom maps) CoD: BO II zombies Block and Load (not so much) REQUIREMENTS...
  10. Shehzad

    NO DON'T DO IT! - Payday 2 Funny Moments

    Who said robbing safes in the middle of an earthquake was so hard? Well we obviously prove them wrong in this video.
  11. Shehzad

    I Have The High Ground! - Payday 2 Shenanigans

    Obi wan in Payday? And his trying to take on Anakin again? How will this fare.