I've Got It
I am Abdullahx9000, 15 years old (Almost 16, but sound a lot older =] ) My channel has around 130 subscribers and growing pretty fast. I record + Play the following:
  • MineCraft
  • OverWatch
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • PayDay 2
Min. Requirments:
Decent Mic
At least 15 years old (or older)
Has over 100 Subs

Thats all! I might make some expections if needed =]
Whats goin on bud. I'm around for this, my channel is based on daily vlogs and IRL vids but I'm getting a gaming PC around x mas and I'll probably be doing a couple H1Z1 and overwatch videos. Check out my channel and see if you interested because basically you'll see how i am lol.