1. MrLemonage

    Gaming PS4 Overwatch [English]

    I'm looking for a group of people aged 15-30 who want to play and record Overwatch on PS4 for YouTube. I live in England so it is preferred that you also live in England or nearby countries and must speak fluent or almost perfect English (sorry.) You don't have to be amazing at the game-...
  2. Baedri

    Gaming (Xbox One/ Switch) Anybody looking to grow your channel and just have fun gaming together

    Hey everyone!! My youtube name is Baedri (Long story lol) but my real name is Adriano. I am 21 years old and I just recently created my Youtube gaming channel and I am still extremely small. I am just looking for anyone willing to collab on games, have fun, and grow our channels together. I play...
  3. ProfessionalRik

    Overwatch Awesomeness! [ONLY 2 MINUTES]

    I made another compilation video, this time for OVERWATCH! Watch to the end to see what I look like!
  4. BDKYoutube

    Gaming Looking for people to join a collaboration group

    Title says it all really: I'm looking for people who want to collaborate and record with some relaxed people. We can collab on games like CSGO, gmod, OverWatch, Paladins, Heroes of the Storm, Space Engineers and lots of other games too. Doesn't matter how many subs you have and as long as you...
  5. ProfessionalRik

    Fresh Gaming News | Overwatch Info, Life Is Strange, & Companion Cubes in DotA 2

  6. Justine


    So for those of you who don't check out Tumblr for Overwatch fan art on a daily basis like me, you probably never noticed that theres a girl who loves to spam her selfies and booty pics on the tag while also promoting her youtube channel with these pictures. I decided to finally talk about her...
  7. Camskiez

    *NEW VIDEO!* RIP BUBBLES THE GOLDFISH! Overwatch Funny Moments

  8. Camskiez

    Overwatch | THE GRAND MASTER DREAM! | Is it possible!?

    New video is up! This video is basically a mockery of all those epic, cinematic trailers you see for war movies or tasks that just seem to good to be true. In Overwatch I am so close to achieving Grand Master rank which is a big deal to me. I will be streaming it all on twitch and this is the...
  9. Camskiez

    Overwatch | THE GRAND MASTER DREAM | Is it possible!?

    New video is up! This video is basically a mockery of all those epic, cinematic trailers you see for war movies or tasks that just seem to good to be true. In Overwatch I am so close to achieving Grand Master rank which is a big deal to me. I will be streaming it all on twitch and this is the...
  10. CDOD

    Best plays / Overwatch

    Hope you guys enjoy! If enjoyed please Watch/rate my other videos. Thanks sooo much CDOD
  11. ZippGames

    Gaming Looking For Anyone to Collab With

    I want to collab with someone who makes content that I enjoy, If you want to collab with me on any free game on PC or Xbox One, or any paid game that I have [i.e. Overwatch(Xbox One), CoD Infinite Warfare(Xbox One), Minecraft(Pc and Xbox one), Terraria(PC), Destiny(Xbox One), Ect.](p.s. I wont...
  12. Justine

    STONED AND TRIGGERED |Overwatch Gameplay

    This video was honestly the worst thing to edit because it had a ton of offensive humor in it, but anyways me and my friends did some, depending on the state you like in, illegal things to celebrate a certain holiday and this video was the result. We're a mess, but I hope you like it! Thanks...
  13. Surrendead

    When Hogs Fly - Overwatch

    short random skit I made with some friends, idk what it is either lol
  14. Justine

    Daddyofive Abuse | Overwatch Gameplay

    I honestly hate posting my nongameplay related commentary in the gameplay tag, but there's some Overwatch in the background for you guys to enjoy while we discuss a pretty serious topic (also I don't know where else to post this so aye kill me pls). Today we're talking about a more serious...
  15. TheFluffyKing

    Gaming collab with anyone around 100 subs with xbox1:Bo3,Bo2,Minecraft,Overwatch

    i need some youtubers that have around 100 subs to play xbox one and collab with... some of the games i will be playing are bo2, bo3, overwatch,minecraft, if interested send me message on xbox one:TheFluffyKing55
  16. Justine

    OVERWATCH IS SEXIST (totally not clickbait)

    Okay, I know my name for the video is clickbait, but stay with me because we're gonna be debunking a really stupid claim from Tumblr saying that Overwatch is indeed sexist in todays video! Thanks for taking some time to check out this thread and video! If you have any feedback or wanna talk...
  17. TheJamesPlays

    Gaming XB1 Collaborator?

    Yo! My name is James and I post daily. I have good quality and I hope you do to! I play Minecraft, Overwatch, Skyrim, Cod Zombies, and others I am pretty small (like 40 subs) but I got some great banter when hanging out with people! I do this for fun, and dont take it too seriously. I cant get...
  18. Justine

    DIAMOND PROMOTION | Overwatch Gameplay

    I have been playing competitive Overwatch religiously for weeks on end. I spent my entire spring break playing as D.va and trying to rank up to diamond, and today, we're a mere one point away from becoming diamond or staying at platinum. As always, thank you so much for taking some time out of...
  19. Lucid Dreamer

    Gaming Searching for collaboration in channel roles (e.g. scripts, thumbnail art, editing, co-host)

    I have been working on my channel for some time now (DMG Gaming), but I have a major problem :/ I am so picky with the quality of my channel, it's difficult for me to play the role of script writer, gamer, researcher, art designer, editor, and running the social media accounts. My channel is...
  20. P

    Gaming Australian PC gamer looking to collab on Overwatch

    Hey all i'm looking to collaborate with anyone who has Overwatch (preferably Australian unless you can deal with high ping.) I want to record some funny moments and have a good time while recording. If you're interested you can hit me up on the blizzard app Parthex#11699 or on steam @Parthex...
  21. Surrendead

    The (NOT SO SERIOUS) Overwatch Movie Trailer

    Not an official animated short by blizzard, all the clips were from previously released cinematics, and I thought itd be fun to make a light hearted cinematic
  22. Surrendead

    Lighthearted Overwatch Movie Trailer (fanmade)

    Always thought the overwatch cinematics were amazing but too serious, so I tried making a trailer focusing on the fun/funny side.
  23. Nebhead


    Hey everyone! I've compiled the best and funniest moments I've had in Overwatch from the past 11 months into one video, check it out and I hope you enjoy it!
  24. Surrendead

    Road to 500 - Overwatch Shenanigans

    took a shot at a new format for subtitle editing, any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  25. Surrendead

    Junkrat listens to eminem

    let me know what you guys think!
  26. N

    Support What?

  27. Sladee

    Gaming Looking for a Casual Overwatch Team? Come HERE!

    What's a Casual Overwatch Team? Simply just a group of people willing to play Overwatch in a casual manner. Do we play Competitive? We can, but we will stick to Quick Play because the main objective of this is to get funny/entertaining footage for our own Youtube Channel. Who are we looking...
  28. N

    D-League Ramblings | Overwatch

    A cluster bomb of thoughts paired with Overwatch competitive gameplay. Seriously, the flip-flop nature of this commentary is how my brain works a majority of the time. Never a dull moment in my own mind!
  29. N

    Noob Tracer'ing | Overwatch

    Practice makes perfect... or does it?
  30. MashingDuck

    Gaming Youtube Gaming Group

    Looking for a consistent gaming group where we just focus on having fun. (age of 17+). I can always record in the weekends and from time to time I can record during the week. I live in Europe. Games I currently play the most are: Overwatch, For Honor, Garry's mod, Dark Souls 3, and quite a few...