Gaming Looking for a Casual Overwatch Team? Come HERE!


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What's a Casual Overwatch Team?
Simply just a group of people willing to play Overwatch in a casual manner. Do we play Competitive? We can, but we will stick to Quick Play because the main objective of this is to get funny/entertaining footage for our own Youtube Channel.

Who are we looking for?
We are not looking for players who take the game to a seriously competitive level, but neither are we looking for players that will goof around during our matches. What we need are players that want to win games, but are willing to do it in a manner that isn't hyper competitive.

Is there a limit to how many people can join?
No, we are not limiting our members to 6 people. We understand since YouTube is a large platform uniting people from all over the world, many people want to record at different times and for different reasons. Reply to this thread asking for a link, and it will be provided. Feel free to join and ask questions.

Can we play other games aside from Overwatch?
You are certainly free to use our discord to FIND other players willing to play other games with you, but we insist that you direct message the member from Discord rather than discussing it in our main chat. Feel free to use our main chat to collaborate, and to talk about all things Overwatch.

Can I post my Videos in the Discord?
There is a specific chat channel for promoting your own videos, or videos created by others. The main/collaboration chat is strictly for meeting members to collaborate with.

Thank You!
If you participate within our community, we thank you for helping us grow. Hopefully your efforts will only continue to flourish your channel.