Gaming Looking for other YouTubers (PS4) To make funny moment videos (like Vanoss)


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Looking for people to create content with on Call of Duty Black Ops 4. I want to get involved with funny moments but unfortunately it's hard with my friends trying to do their own thing now. I'm 19 years old and im just trying to have fun as well as put the time and effort into my editing. If anyone is interested feel free to comment your PSN, mine is mad_matt99. I want to take YouTube more serious but I lack the motivation as I can't build a foundation alone. Kind of wanted to go for more of a Vanoss approach with vids.

Hope to play with one of y'all soon.
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I'm down about to start black ops 4 tonight. Been on the fortnite bandwagon and well it's not taking off on my channel like everyone else's did. Psn id is DeathCod25

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