Liking YTtalk
I decided to take an excerpt from our extensive document which answers all the questions that people have been wondering in my long search to find some active yet awesome video gamers out there who have been looking for a group to join into without the silly stuff like subscriber counts being required, having the same viewerbase as another person, etc. We're looking for awesome, laid back gamers who like to participate with other unique gamers across the world within our Discord server.

Basic Requirements

-Responding back is important: If you aren't active in replying, being alert to notifications and not keeping in touch then we can't take you. This is a serious inquiry so please be serious about wanting to participate.

-Hardcore Will Apply: Having an extensive background with video game knowledge is a plus as well as being non-bias to one particular platform.

-Group Activity: Plan to be somewhat active in our Discord gaming group. (No extreme inactivity.) If our gaming group is not for you then we give people a chance to opt out or we will remove dead members entirely.

-Leave Drama At The Door: Be drama free and open minded to disagreements and opinions. Be able to take a joke as well, our group is not for those who can’t handle witty banter.

-By The Gamers, For The Gamers: We’re primarily a PC/PS4 group. We play all types of games ranging from RPGs, Shooters and fighting games on these platforms. The channel should give you a good idea in the “contact” section along.

-Hit and Run: Don't be a hit and runner. (A person who wants others to view their YouTube channel with no interaction.)

-Communication: Have a Discord account. We do not use Skype anymore for gaming group purposes.

-Age Range and Subscribers: 16+/Subs don’t matter.

-Timezone: We’re mostly in the United States, Eastern Standard Time. We go into more detail about our schedule in the “podcast” section.

-Background Check: Have a YouTube or Twitch at the ready to show us in DMs. The chances of someone getting into our group without them or not being able to talk to us in voice on Discord to gauge their character will be painstakingly low.

Last Selection: If we don't pick or answer someone then they simply did not meet the requirements. Try not to take it personally.

Sadly I cannot post the full document here but if you can follow these basic requirements then please give me a shout at or Twitter @RenOperative_ and we'll get things underway. Hope to meet some interesting new folks with this new February search.