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Looking to Collab with people size don't matter to me I am just looking fun people to play fun GAMES with and hopefully make some cool friends!! But the fun won't be fun unless we have rules such as:
Must be 15 or over (Soz)
Has to play PC or PS4
be yourself (just be happy)

MY ps4 username is Schmidtfire69
and my skype is DravenGamesON

Now we're done with that thing I play on PC and PS4
BO3 (PC and PS4)
Minecraft (PC)
Gmod (PC)
IW (PS4)
Overwatch (Ps4)
Hello I would like to collab with you. Can you please tell me what time you will be free. The games I have are BO3 (PS4), IW (PS4), and Minecraft (PC). My gamertag is Fichee_slays. Thank you
I was looking to do a collab, I'm getting IW tomorrow or the Sunday coming up so if you down to play we can do that. I'm 18 by the way.