call of duty 3 black ops

  1. GiggaVega

    Please review my Live stream Black Ops 3

    It has been a few months since I did a live stream. I did my first one last night playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. It's one of the only multyplayer games I partake in because the community is so great on PS4. I would like some feedback about how you guys feel about the way I engage &...
  2. MattTries

    Gaming COLLAB WITH ME!! PS4/PC/XboxOne

    I'm a really friendly person who really likes to find new friends and new collaborations. I'm 14 years old and feel like I do Youtube really well for my age. I have around 340 to 350 subscribers, depending on when you read this. I have just about 150 videos and really would like to get more out...
  3. Saad Ahmed

    Gaming COD Collab (PS4)

    Hey guys! I would like to collab with multiple of you. So I would like to a 1v1 on either BO3 or IW. In the end we shout out each others channles. I really don't have any requirements other then be respectfull. Thank you.
  4. Draven

    Gaming PC and PS4! Collaboration size don't matter

    Looking to Collab with people size don't matter to me I am just looking fun people to play fun GAMES with and hopefully make some cool friends!! But the fun won't be fun unless we have rules such as: Must be 15 or over (Soz) Has to play PC or PS4 be yourself (just be happy) MY ps4 username is...
  5. SaucyGamersYT

    Gaming PS4 Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Collaboration

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a channels who have somewhere more than 50 subscribers that would like to collaborate in a Black Ops 3 video. You must have skype, a decent microphone, and PS4. My friend and I share a channel which has 140 subscribers (Saucy Gamers) Reply with your PSN if you...
  6. D

    Gaming Looking for Xbox one players to collab with

    I'm looking for Xbox one players to collab with that play Either Fifa 16, Call of Duty Black ops 3, Destiny and Rocket leauge Requirments: At least 60 subs no execptions 11+ Years of age Good quality videos (I will check) And that's about it Contact me through Xbox one Gamertag is RapidYTT or...
  7. keanun

    Gaming PS4 COLLAB

    hey guys, looking for a few people to collab with ( preferably 16+) on the following games - Rainbow six siege - Overwatch - Call of duty: Black Ops 3 - GTA and any other ps4 multiplayer game, just drop a comment or leave your PSN and we shall get stuff popping!
  8. pizzy tv

    Gaming Looking for cod xbox 1 gamer with smaller channels

    IM looking for some people who might want to collab with me and we can help each other out
  9. Ascriva

    I need feedback on my videos

    im new to YouTube only about a month old i do gaming videos but i need to know if the content is good enough or do i need to work harder on my editing. i am working on an intro and banners and pretty much all my graphics but i need to know if the content needs more work. The link to my channel...
  10. FPSJustice

    Gaming Minecraft or COD friends and collabs

    Hey guys and gals, I've been looking for some collaborations for awhile now and I'm not having much luck. I play more Minecraft on my pc and Black Ops 3 on my ps4 than anything. I'd like to have a few people to collaborate with on either of the two games, but I want more than just a...
  11. Natrix Gaming

    Gaming Xbox One YouTube group!!! need 2 more member's!

    What what up dudes now if your looking for youtube as a job/way life then your in the right place now i'm 15 looking for some Xbox collabs with these requirements. 3-5 PERSON TEAM My channel- natrix gaming I have 92 subs but view truly matter in growing and subs will come so I rly don't care...
  12. TheShotoer

    Gaming BO3 PC COLAB?

    Hello All i play bo3 on pc and i would like to join up with someone to make some more epic videos with! If your interested and again this is for pc and would like to join me please comment below or dm me on twitter :) Thanks For Reading @OmgTheShooter (Twitter)
  13. vspecialistv

    "That Punch Tho!" Black Ops 3 Gun Game Multiplayer Gameplay - PS4

    Hi guys, today's video is a Black Ops 3 Gun Game Multiplayer Gameplay. Gun game is soooo fun to play. Thank you for watching and have a great day Destiny was iron banner good: Destiny How to Use Fusions: Follow me at: Twitter: Instagram...