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  1. Zuukca


    What's up fellow YouTubers! I am here today advertising a chance for you to join me and kaztergaming in a Sidemen style gaming group we like to call Ludus Squad (or just Ludus). You can check out our channels and see our style and content. If it looks like a bit of you then reply below with...
  2. B

    Gaming PS4 Youtube Gaming Collaberation (BO3, GTA V, BATTLEFRONT & MORE)

    Whaddup, as a lot of us are, I am looking for people to record videos with and post them onto Youtube. I just have a few requirements. - PS4 - BO3 -Battlefront -Elgato HD60 -Age 15-18 -Good quality mic -Skype Thats really all I am looking for. Just some chill homies looking to have fun playing...
  3. WillDP

    Channel Trailer

    For all of you who don't know me, I am WillDP. I am a growing youtube gaming channel who posts videos such as Garry's Mod, GTA V, Madden 16, Black Ops 3, and much more. If you are interested in watching any of these, check out my trailer below!
  4. JacobofArabia

    GTA V - Minecraft Mod! (Joke)

    Just a little something to edge us back into YouTube after a very long break :D Enjoy!
  5. thepeoplesgamer

    Gaming looking for group to record gta v funny moments series with

    xbox one only looking for people who can record funny gta races and custom game modes with me:)
  6. MrArabian

    GTA 5 Online - 'FUNNY GLITCH SESSION' (GTA Online)

    Check it out:
  7. Billy Cochrane

    Voice Acting Voice actors and writer wanted for GTA V short movie

    Requirements: GTA V on PC, a good mic and atleast 14yrs old. Looking for 12 voice actors, 2 media researchers and writer/producer atm. Contact me on Skype - halfdeadly for more details and a chance to join the team. Add doctorevil3342 as well
  8. Spreadacinni

    Gaming Looking for Content-Driven Gamers Ages 20+

    Let's get down to it. I want to build a dynamic, gaming group of around 3-4 people. I don't care how many subs you have, all I care about is chemistry-driven content. I'm not going to just select the first person who responds to this. Our personalities have to work off one another (I'm 24 so we...
  9. Horizon247

    Gaming Any body still on PS3 collab with me..!!!

    Any body still on PS3... Looking For>>>> Gamers that really like to play and enjoys being recorded or wants to record with me side-by-side. Just come on here and leave a note... SERIOUSLY LEAVE A NOTE :) Game that I play: GTA V Destiny Borderlands 2 NBA 2k15 there lots of game out there that I...
  10. Prophet Boo

    Gaming Looking for GTA V & CSGO Collab *Must have more than 2k subs*

    I just revived my channel and i'll be doing funny moments videos. I have 17k subs and I am planning on doing GTA V and CSGO videos obviously on pc. You must have more than 2k subs on your channel. Must have: -good mic. -good video quality -good sense of humor lol -more than 2k subs Leave a...
  11. Majerecarn

    Gaming Looking for some Xbox One Youtubers to collab with (Black Ops 3/GTA V/Star Wars Battlefield etc)

    If this is you, then great! I love doing collaborations and, by the title, you can guess that I play Xbox One, mostly Black Ops 3 zombies but also GTA V, Star Wars Battlefield and more. If you're interested then please add me on Skype: Majerecarn Hope to see you over there! Would prefer people...
  12. Maximilien Prins-Mills

    Gaming LF Long-Term Collab With People With Similar Channels

    Hey guys if any PC gamers out there are generally fun people always having fun and making jokes out things It would be awesome to collab with you here's some things you must be already doing because im only accepting people who are serious about making great content. Things you need to have: A...
  13. DukWin

    Grand Theft Auto V - Cinematic Music Video 'Greyhound' (Thread Closed)

    This is a video that I have been working on hard for over a month. It is reupload of the original which had 260 views and was published on September 24th but was removed for no reason by YouTube. Please help me restore this video back by sharing and liking it. This timelapse cinematic captures...
  14. Mupsin

    GTA 5 Lowrider DLC (Buccaneer Custom Build) Your Thoughts :)

    Hello you awesome people, So for those of you who play GTA 5 you will know about the lowrider DLC that came out a few days ago but the bad thing is its only for next gen so I wanted to make a video so that people with old gen can still see what the DLC had to offer, I would love to hear your...
  15. DukWin

    My Greatest Video So Far! (GTA V Cinematic Music Video). Your feedback is appreciated!

    I have been working on this cinematic music video on Grand Theft Auto V for about a month. The time-lapses were created using the Rockstar Editor and the music was remixed by myself using some game music files. If you can give me some feedback that would mean a lot to me. Thank You!