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  1. R

    Gaming PS4 Collabs only 60+

    Hello users of YT Talk. I am looking for people to collab with on ps4. You have to be fun and overall just a chill person. These are the games I have Black Ops 3 Gta V Need for Speed Rocket League Minecraft BattleField 4 NBA 2k16 I do plan on getting more games in the future. Please hit me...
  2. Ryan Lee

    Gaming Xbox One Many Game Collab

    Hey there, I'm Psycomedy and imma be straight up...I don't have many subscribers on YouTube. Honestly, I'm here because me and my "Co-Worker" ,I guess you could say, are pretty funny. I'll mainly be more into making a quality video to make viewers laugh versus sharing subscribers. Oh yeah...
  3. Tonzy

    Does anyone do GTA V videos

    Hi my name is steven i'm trying to find a friend that i can collab with to do gta v glitches and tricks
  4. Pointyless

    Gaming Collaborations maybe? (pls im loney)

    Ironman dies in Endgame and so does Black Widow
  5. M

    Gaming *New* GTA V Machinima Series! Join Now!!!

    Dear all, I'm starting a GTA V Series very soon and I need people to join and fill in essential roles to the story. If you have Xbox One and a mic you have a great chance to be apart of the series. The Trailer for the series is on my channel YaaBoyCellus. Message me back if you want to join in...
  6. 42Blazing


    We will play games such as Overwatch, Black Ops 3, Doom , Rainbow Six Siege, Gta V, and much more!! Only requirement is to be funny and have skype. Hit me up m9's!
  7. 42Blazing

    Gaming DANK PS4 COLLAB GROUP (Overwatch,Doom,And More)

    Hello m9's looking for fun and funny people for a ps4 collaboration group. We will play games such as Overwatch, Doom, Black Ops 3, Rainbow Six Siege, Grand Theft Auto V, Cory In The House Simulator, and much more. Only requirement is to be DANK. PSN: jake_0227 Youtube: 42blazing Skype...
  8. Nathan Mern

    Gaming [XBox One] Gaming Group

    Hey Peeps, Right now I am just looking for any amount of people who would want to record a collab video. I am looking for - People with Gta V or CoD Bo3 (I am really bad at CoD) - Has a decent looking channel - Could record with me (get their perspective) - I don't care about sub count...
  9. Jake103

    GTA online *NEW* movie - HELP WANTED!

    Hi there Yttalk, as you may guess from the title, I am starting a Movie on GTA. The game has now developed to a point in which this movie can now make a whole load of sense with all the latest additions. THIS MOVIE WILL BE FILMED EXCLUSIVELY ON XB1. Gamertag : amazingaming5 (Must...
  10. krisharper

    Gaming PS4 Gaming Collab

    Hey All! I would love to start a PS4 Gaming Collab! I am new to this forum and to Youtube as an uploader however I am not new to games as I have been playing since the SNES days and would love to share my passion with you guys and the world. A few requirements: - 20+ Age - PG-13. This means...
  11. Giulio Garrett

    Gaming GTA V Collab

    Hey everyone, I am willing to collaborate with new, small, but up and coming YouTubers on GTA V on the Xbox One. I have 325 subscribers and get on average 20 Likes per video! It'd be cool to have you guys on board my YouTube Journey, just reply down below or message me on here :)...
  12. Spreadacinni

    Gaming GTA V Races (Xbox One) Collab Tomorrow!

    Looking to collab with 1 or 2 people ASAP in GTA V. I want to record some gameplay tomorrow so let me know if you're interested. Must have a good mic and GTA V on the Xbox One. I don't care if you're a smaller channel; I care if you take YouTube seriously and put in a lot of time and effort into...
  13. AussieAidan

    Gaming (PC) Funny Moments collab!!

    My last 12 Videos of mine have been funny moments and I was wondering if any channel big or small could do a collaboration video with me!! I play game which are on my channel like GTA 5 and The Ship, yeah, that's all. Requirements: Need to be funny. Need to record for longer than 15 mins NO...
  14. Logic Eye

    Gaming Looking for a youtube partner? Then your at the right place :) Maybe...

    PC!!! Hello, im LogicEye (Youtube name) and im looking for another partner or 5. We are 2 persons right now, me and my friend, who is making videos (right now i have no content up, that means no non-friend subscribers, and my friend have like 40 subs :) In this group there is no...
  15. B

    Gaming Looking for collabs/creating a gaming crew!

    hey guys, i've just started youtube and I'm looking for collabs and even starting a new gaming crew.. I have ps4, xbox one and pc. Games on ps4: gta v, fifa 16, rocket league, bf4 Games on xbox one: nhl16, gta v Games on pc: heroes of the storm, fsx se Age preferably 18+ Looking forward to...
  16. WillDP

    Smart Cars Suck! | GTA V Online Free Roam Gameplay

    Hey guys! This is my most recent video where I hop on GTA V and mess around with some friends. We do really random stuff ranging from crashing planes to jumping on trains with cars, so the video is quite entertaining. I hope you guys enjoy the video!
  17. Dread Chemical

    GTA Online #8 - Wait What?

    Leave a like if you enjoyed my video and hope to see you on the next one :) Please be nice and respectful in the comments Check out his channel Franko - Hancha - Jacob -
  18. crown loyal

    Gaming YT gaming collab (16+)

    I'm going to keep this short and simple. Looking to begin making gaming videos again and i'm looking for some people to collab with. Games we'd probably play: -Garry's Mod -GTA V -LFD2 -Rust -Random flash games in browser (free and no DL so no worries) Small list of requirements im looking for...
  19. RobCoxxy

    GTA Collab: Stunters vs Snipers!

    Today, I'm joined by fellow YouTubers Tricki D, Oshki, ZealBoy and Dragon K8, as well as a few friends for some Multiplayer, Collab Craziness. Today's video is Stunters vs Snipers - where one team armed only with Zentornos and conveniently placed ramps must destroy their opposition, Heavy...
  20. RobCoxxy

    GTA Online Collab: Slasher!

    Hi guys, RobCoxxy here! Today I've got a short GTA Online Collab ft. Oshki and ZealBoy! We're tackling Slasher in First Person Only for extra scares!
  21. FMS Gamer

    Gaming Collaboration on a GTA V movie on ps4

    Hi i am going to make a GTA V movie using rockstar editor on ps4 the script is done half way and the work is going in good progress i already i have one guy on board nedd two more people you must be al least 16 years old or should be mature enough to follow direction after the movie is done i...
  22. Dion Krit

    Gaming Looking For Collab Partners To Play Pc Games With

    Hey guys my name is Dion and i am 14 i have 61 subs now don't be shy try to be confident Looking For Small YouTube Collab Partners Sorry but no Squeakers ;) I have 61 subs on my YT because i didn't post much but now im pumped and ready to collab and really get the ball rolling with my YT Gaming...
  23. RobCoxxy

    GTA Online - Battle of Rockford Plaza

    Today, matchmaking has decided to screw me once again, pitting my organised friends in their own team, facing myself, and a couple of random bullet-sponges.
  24. B

    Gaming gta v mainly PS4 collab IM AUSTRALIAN ANYONE IS WELCOME (mc PC MAYBE)

    i do mainly gta v video like funny things and so on if a enough of u want to do collab we could form a group as well i been play a bit of just cause 3 lately I play mc on pc as well but at the moment it a bit hard to record psn:Big_D101_ msg me if u want to collab and put down your skype...
  25. thepeoplesgamer

    Gaming looking for gta funny moments crew xbox one only

    with 5k plus subs im wanting too do a weekly gta online funny moments on the xbox i can help you grow and you can help me grow, apart from that it will be great fun to compete in custom races and game modes and mke new friends
  26. A

    Gaming ps4 rainbow six siege/bo3/gta v collab 40+subs 16+

    hey guys its aero and im looking for some people to collab with whie making new friends and growing each others channels if your interested let me know ;)psn aeroplayr
  27. O

    Gaming Looking for people to record GTA V funny moments (xbox one)

    Hello Everyone! So I am coming on here looking for some people to play GTA V with me and a friend (both youtubers) on the xbox one. We are wanting to just have some fun in free roam, in jobs, heists, etc. and just make some entertaining videos! If any one is interested, be sure to just comment...
  28. RobCoxxy

    Gaming GTA Heists Collab [PC]

    Hi guys, one thing I've had in mind for quite a while is a four-way collab tackling the Criminal Mastermind Challenge on GTA Online's Heists. Four channels, four perspectives, four heists. Ideally looking for people GMT(+/- a couple of hours) for easier scheduling, and over 20s, purely because...
  29. Shadow Major

    GTA V Slasher and Shenanigans!

    WARNING, CONTENTS MAY INCLUDE SWEARING, AND GAMING UNDER INTOXICATION! IT MAY BE FUNNY, BUT DO NOT REPLICATE ANYTHING YOU SEE HERE! So alcohol, gaming, two things destined to go hand in hand... yeah right, here is just 16 minutes of why alcohol and gaming is bad (for you, funny as hell for...
  30. NotANoob

    Gaming YouTube Group PC/PS4

    Hey my name's Alex! I'm wanting to start (or join) a gaming group for YouTube. I play on PC and PS4 and I only have a few things I want you to have. - Gaming PC - Good Mic - Skype - Recording software or capture card - PS4 (Optional) Games I have: - Assassin's Creed Unity (PC) - Battlefield 4...