Gaming GTA V Races (Xbox One) Collab Tomorrow!

Looking to collab with 1 or 2 people ASAP in GTA V. I want to record some gameplay tomorrow so let me know if you're interested. Must have a good mic and GTA V on the Xbox One. I don't care if you're a smaller channel; I care if you take YouTube seriously and put in a lot of time and effort into your content. I'm not trying to offer or take handouts, I just want to help people who want to help themselves out! I put in a lot of time and effort into my content so I'd like to associate my brand with people who do the same! No youngsters. No beggars. No fake personalities. Drop a response if interested and if I'm interested I'll contact you.
My GT is Risto TCT and I have a small but growing channel and I put out videos weekly. I also have a good headset and I'm available between 2pm to 5pm est
I am interested to collab with you and more people on Xbox one.
I have 90 subscribers and if you're interested reply or message me on twitter

Gamertag xbox one: xLoketx41
Skype: Deshade HD
Twitter: @Deshade HD