1. Laitz

    Daily Fun - Part 1 - 4K

  2. Laitz

    GF HANDSHAKE - Top Lolz - Funniest Handshake in Game

  3. Laitz

    Please Merry Xmas - Happy Hour - Santa's Boy Gives Presents

  4. Laitz

    LOL\est Sieges - triple x fun

  5. Laitz

    Funny Fiesta - Best Laughter In Server

  6. Laitz


  7. Laitz

    - Top Lolz - Funny Guy playing with Insulting Trolololo

  8. A

    Gaming Xbox One Group And Collabs

    Hello everyone im adam im 15 years old and live in the uk i have a YouTube channel called vintz which has 48 subs and has 50 views average per video i would love to do videos with people who are funny and can produce good videos and any sub count. What I record with: Hdpvr 2 game capture card...
  9. Warlock Boo

    1 year on youtube yaaaaa

    I have been on youtube for a year now and have learned so much. from how to edit to write scrips. along with that my channel has changed so much in this time. I do wish i had come to gain more subscribers by this point but I am just happy i have come this far with my channel.
  10. Nutella

    Gaming Looking to Collab on XBOX ONE Black Ops 3.

    looking for someone to collab with at least 50 subs,my gamertag is ZL Nutella LZ. Hmu if you're interested. :)
  11. Spreadacinni

    Gaming Looking for Collaborations

    I have Xbox One and PC games and I'm looking to do some collaborations with other YouTubers! Subscriber count doesn't matter to me as long as you are trying to become the best you can be and aren't looking for handouts. Must: - Be 18+ - Have a good mic and record in an environment with no...
  12. Spreadacinni

    Gaming GTA Races (Xbox One), GMOD, etc.

    Looking for a YouTuber with: -A good mic -Preferably older than 18 -Puts more than 100% effort into each video -A genuine person (not acting like others to get views) I take YouTube seriously and I'd like to work with YouTubers that do as well. If you're into numbers I have around 190 subs, but...
  13. Spreadacinni

    Gaming GTA V Races (Xbox One) Collab Tomorrow!

    Looking to collab with 1 or 2 people ASAP in GTA V. I want to record some gameplay tomorrow so let me know if you're interested. Must have a good mic and GTA V on the Xbox One. I don't care if you're a smaller channel; I care if you take YouTube seriously and put in a lot of time and effort into...
  14. FirestormLive

    Gaming Youtube Collaboration (Xbox One)

    I am looking for a YouTube Collaboration/ someone to record with. Here are the requirements: 1. 13-16 y/o 2. Very little background noise 3. Good mic 4. Skype (Optional) 5. GTA, Battlefield, or Forza 6. Xbox One 7. A youtube channel 25+ subs Message me on twitter or xbox if you are...
  15. ModestBudgetGaming

    Homefront: Revolution Beta Review!

    A little late but here's my thoughts on the Homefront: Revolution beta for Xbox One!
  16. ModestBudgetGaming

    New Backwards Compatible Xbox One games! Galaga and Dark Souls!

    Exciting news about new Backwards Compatible games! (feedback about the channel and video are appreciated)
  17. ApexTV

    1,000,000 Views, Incredible (One MILLION)

    Today, February 12, 2015, marks the day that my channel ApexTV hit 1,000,000 total video views. One million views. This is incredible, as it was my all-time goal for YouTube in terms of views. It really is an amazing feeling to have hit one of your all-time goals. I still haven't met my...
  18. itzdupe

    One Year on Youtube! 7,000 Total Views

    So a day or two ago marks my channels one year anniversary! that's insane to me. I'm so grateful for all of my subscribers and everyone who views my content. I've yet to make a celebration type of video for the occasion. still haven't though of anything unique to do lol But anyway I want to know...