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So a day or two ago marks my channels one year anniversary! that's insane to me. I'm so grateful for all of my subscribers and everyone who views my content. I've yet to make a celebration type of video for the occasion. still haven't though of anything unique to do lol But anyway I want to know what kinds of thinks my subs would like to see on the channel in the future. I hope you guys continue to support me for the years to come. Thanks for reading this thread
My channel is Itzdupe , obviously lol
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Congratulations on your One year anniversary! Something us small you-tubers usually dont get to so keep up the motivation! Any advise for the motivation to p lough through the rough times?
YouTube journey is really strange, we get many ups and downs, we feel motivated and sometimes we feel discouraged. TRUE WINNER is the one who never gives up and keeps working on his/her channel.
Congratulations for the completing the 1 YEAR! I hope that rest of the YT journey will be wonderful for you. All the best :)