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Hi there Yttalk, as you may guess from the title, I am starting a Movie on GTA. The game has now developed to a point in which this movie can now make a whole load of sense with all the latest additions. THIS MOVIE WILL BE FILMED EXCLUSIVELY ON XB1.

Gamertag : amazingaming5
(Must understand/speak English)

The movie is called "Wanted" (Working title).

Blending cinematic elements, carefully staged scenes, coordin

ated acting, and a whole-load-of editing. I'm trying to create something that's exciting to watch and keeps you wanting more, wondering what will happen next, where the characters will go, how they'll develop, etc.
Once I have enough players we will all agree on one idea.

That's a basic plan of the idea I had in mind. It's pretty cliché, but should hopefully turn to an interesting series if I can get the support of actors, help setting up scenes, or have people create sets in the rockstar creator.

New ideas will always be welcome and if you participate or follow the series then you may have your idea take place and shape up in the series.

An early example of something along the lines of heists would be this:

So what I am asking for is any help at all. Mainly for Actors at the moment. Scenes and sets can be created by myself for now.

If anyone is interested, then feel free to reply to my post and I shall get back to you as soon as possible.

TLDR: Making a Movie. Filming progress back to top.! NEED ACTORS!

Yes this is a GTA-related movie so we're making the movie on gta onlinafft

For staff memebers this is a GTA machinima

I'm looking for a few actors and actresses for a movie that hasn't even been written yet.

I have a literal drawing board and everything, just need some smart heads to come together and create something. Add me for more info. Must not be 12 years old.