shooting game

  1. B

    Gaming Hi friends, I am new here and this is my 1st time using yttalk.

    HI everyone, Its me hancz. I am new at yttalk. I have my youtube channel called (Bishadi Gaming). i wanted to promote my youtube channel and in return i am happy to help other friend having similar contains like me to grow their channel. As i am new here I dont know most of the things. so...
  2. Jake103

    GTA online *NEW* movie - HELP WANTED!

    Hi there Yttalk, as you may guess from the title, I am starting a Movie on GTA. The game has now developed to a point in which this movie can now make a whole load of sense with all the latest additions. THIS MOVIE WILL BE FILMED EXCLUSIVELY ON XB1. Gamertag : amazingaming5 (Must...
  3. Jawad Soomro


    We have to collect the four guns in the beginning of the Game. We will shoot all the monsters in that area. I call them Amoeba because their structure and color resembles amoeba. Our target is to collect 13 CANDY BOWLS from the Area. Each bowl is situation in random spots. Every gun has their...