1. Allan Sengo

    Short Film Trailer / film collab

    Hey guys does anyone one need help on making and editing short film? Here's a project done previously by me: About the short film trailer. The Last Epidemic is a short film that navigates the idea of a government planned outbreak. ►Also addressing possible conspiracies on how government...
  2. BestNerdLife

    Second-hand Haul! [Episode #1] Cutie Car Booty

    Anyone other nerds really really like going to car boot sale and thrift/charity shops? If you do then you should check out my video about what I bought at a recent car boot sale near me!
  3. B

    I need editing/recording advice

    Hi, im new here and i need help. I just made my first video(i have 2 subscribers) after a long time of editing, but i still think it does not look great editing wise (and maybe the raw footage too) I edit in Hitfil4Express and record in Shadowplay. The video is a cs:go gaming montage, clips...
  4. TeeBry

    Bleach Live Action Trailer Reaction!!

    Today I watched the trailer for the new live action Bleach yeah this is that.
  5. Nerfworthy


    Have you guys seen it, yet? I would ask of you to leave a like/dislike and a comment with constructive criticism, if possible : ) This way you won't only tell me why you liked/disliked it but by doing so, i'll improve myself to become better.
  6. Inspired Content

    How can we make this work?

    On January 1st, I departing a friends new years party and heading to Portland Maine, then Portsmouth New Hampshire, then Worcester Mass, Pawtucket Rhode Island, New London Connecticut... etc. all the way to Florida, and then from Florida to California. I'll spend a bit of time in California...
  7. SoccerBrosTv

    Short Film Movie

    SoccerBrosT is making a Short Film about Soccer. Since it's October, we want to make an insane 5-10 min Scary Movie episode. We just need ideas to help us out... Anyone have ideas?! Please help out... *We want to make this Season 1 with 5 episodes!!!**
  8. T


    Hi! my name is TheGmodPunk, im looking for voice actors on this project im making. its a story based movie = why i need voice actors, only thing you need is a decent mic. and age 13 or over contact me on skype "Fredric.json" Steam "TheGmodPunk" MOVIE INFO! it is a story about a guy who is...
  9. LM7 Gamer


    I need voice actors for a gta 5 machinima series.:help: have a good mic dont be a squeaker good tone of voice my channel: LM7 Gamer :thanksthumbs:
  10. LM7 Gamer


    I need voice actors for a gta 5 machinima series.:help: have a good mic dont be a squeaker good tone of voice I need people who can do these voices for episode 1 .African American male voice .Evil Russian male voice .English or American announcer voice .Intelligent American male voice .Two...
  11. Tin Salaj

    ABZU | THE MOVIE (No commentary)

    Welcome everyone to my channel and I welcome everyone. This took me quite a while to make about 2-3 days. Hopefully, you will enjoy. It was made to look and feel like a cinematic portrait of a game, because the game is like a movie, so I wanted to make it feel like that and put it in one video...
  12. alwinred

    My First Short Film C&C please!

    Hello, everyone, this is my first short film, i am a hobbyist visual creator and i just want to listen to your comments and critiques to improve my skills. Title: Coming up with Film Ideas Description: The protagonist struggles to find new ideas for his short movie project, as he runs out of...
  13. Aaron Mendoza

    My CS GO Mini Frag!

    Big Shoutout to ScionaraGaming he edited this and i really loved it and it's amazing! :) I hope you like it :P This spends time to make and create and the though is just awesome! Again huge shoutout to Scionara! :) I have a few CS GO Clips in here that are nice and it's edited. The Song is in...
  14. CatTagz

    MY ROOM IS HAUNTED!! (Horror Skit)

    Hey im Leo and i just finished making a sample skit for my YouTube channel. Its a very short horror skit and i want you onest opinions on it, how can i improve, did you like it etc. Again its just a sample for future skits, thanks / Leo ;)
  15. D

    The Batman (Bear Movie) Teaser

    What do you guys think?
  16. Jeeves

    Remember the Memories | A 1 Minute Film

    This film means a lot to me and is definitely my best one yet. I put a lot of work into this one, and I would love for any feedback. Thank you all :)
  17. J

    Sully Movie Review!

    I started a new podcast based on reviewing movies, talking about TV shows, and other forms of entertainment. I chopped up some of the highlights of the discussion and made it into a YouTube Video. I would love to know what you guys think about it.
  18. Michael Lebert

    "The Warriors" Movie 1979 Short Film

    Is anyone familiar with the movie "The Warriors" filmed or released in 1979? I know they had a video game out but I don't want to play it because I know it's different than the movie. So I've watched this movie multiple times and learned a lot about the movie. I like this movie a lot. I had the...
  19. leeosbornehd


    Hi guys, Just curious if using movie posters for top 10 videos would be fair use or would it be copyright flagged?
  20. Jawad Soomro


    Here is the RAAZ 4 teaser reaction video. I hope you will enjoy my reactions and reviews about this movies. "SECRETS ARE THE ENEMY OF LOVE"
  21. J

    "The BFG" Review

    Feel free to check out my review of Spielberg's adaptation of Roald Dahl's "The BFG"
  22. J

    "Finding Dory" V-Log Review

    Feel free to check out my review of Pixar's latest feature "Finding Dory"
  23. WeegieMovies


    Hey trainers! With Pokémon dominating every news outlet on the planet right now, it was inevitable that Hollywood would get in on it too. Now there's a live action Pokémon movie in development, check my video below for the info! :) Cheers, Lee
  24. WeegieMovies


    Hey guys, I challenged myself to take the craziness of the last few weeks of British politics and edit it into a dramatic movie trailer! If only Brexit really was just a movie haha. It's something a little different to my usual videos, so please do have a look and let me know what you think...
  25. S.A.D

    Central Intelligence Movie Review

    Here is the link guys, hope you like. That said I have no idea if this is the catagory to be posting these videos. If it is not, kindly let me know. I would also like feedback on my video and in turn I can give feedback to yours. Thank you.
  26. ReasonsToLike

    Reasons To Like - Warcraft

    Hello. I recently saw the Warcraft film. I also do a series where I take things people often don't like, and try to find some reasons to like them. I noticed lots of angry internet folk that weren't crazy about the movie, so it felt like a perfect opportunity. Let me know what you think if you...
  27. Jayel_Boss

    Movie sound effects

    Now the title may get you thinking one way but its the other. I mean its all sound effects but let me try to explain it to the point of where it becomes lucid. Whenever i look up movie sound effects on google i get the same results you know window breaking sound effects, gun sound effects, just...