On January 1st, I departing a friends new years party and heading to Portland Maine, then Portsmouth New Hampshire, then Worcester Mass, Pawtucket Rhode Island, New London Connecticut... etc. all the way to Florida, and then from Florida to California. I'll spend a bit of time in California before heading to Nevada, southern Utah, etc heading back across one row of states north of the border/coast. I'll have about 2 days in each state, at least one of which will be focused on why I'm there.

But I would love to figure out some way to connect with youtubers in the areas.

On my channel I read a book, watch a movie, play a tabletop game, try a product or service, food taste tests, try lesser known video games, listen to music and look at visual arts, create some original content (art, games, stories, recipes etc) and work on well being. For most all of that I give them a mostly for amusement rating (4.3 out of 4.7) and then talk about what I thought of the creative content as a whole before breaking them down for 6 creative prompts and ideas.

I hope to at some point meet up and do collabs with others where we do a full indepth discussion (spoilers) of something we've both read/watched/played/tasted etc. but that's not really what I'm looking at right now.

I also hope to someday have others who create stuff based on prompts I provided and I can share on my channel with links to the creators other stuff. As well as perhaps art/writing challenges between channels.

But it just seems like such a great opportunity to encounter content creators in 32 states (eventually all 50 states and beyond) and have something to share and inspire each other from.

The only thing I can think of right now is a sort of 'photo op' with book/movie/tabletop game/product/music/recipe swap or go to an art exhibit, and then through online collab in depth review and then come up with ideas or inspirations from them. It also allows us to be able to continue communications for future online collabs and meetups if things work out.

I'd like to try other things too in the future, though I don't know how practical it is for this time around. Learn a new skill, try a silly challenge (I've got a small list of challenges to try as competitions at some point), but I also wanna help other people with creating content for their own channels, not just have you as guests on mine.

So I guess I'm just trying to figure out how to make this happen and whether I should run this as a Collab or a meet up or what?

any thoughts?
If you want to meet up and collaborate with other channels in a trip, get a list of locations ready and post somewhere your plans, and have people say, "Yeah, I'll meet you when you're around here" And fill in that day. Let them be sort of your tour guide and then, think of a creative idea (game, story, etc) based on your time with them. That's what I'd recommend