1. M

    Vlog Home Made Without Oven Taftan Recipe

  2. Y

    Video takedown, copyright claim - cooking video

    Hey Guys, over two years ago I’ve uploaded a video where I’ve cooked something and used a recipe from an author. I gave said author credit in my description as “Credit: websitewithauthorsrecipe(dot) com”. The author was not mentioned by name, and the website was not the authors website but...
  3. MamaLovesCooking

    How can I improve my channel? I am very open to constructive criticism so if you could please check out my channel, it would mean the world to me :) Thank you so much!
  4. Neve Sobti

    How to Make Yogurt Cake

    Ingredients List: Whole Milk: 1 cup Condensed Milk Sweetened: 1 cup Thick Yogurt: 1 cup Powder Milk: 1/2 cup Kewra Water: 1 teaspoon Cardamom Powder: 1 teaspoon
  5. Juan Walls

    I Meal prep for a bet, ways to lose weight. Try the delicious recipe!

    Hello everyone! Try out this simple way of meal prepping for the week. I did a quick vlog of me preparing my meals and I also show you guys how to make a delicious chicken rub recipe that I made through trial and error! Try it out and let me know what you guys think! Also don't forget to like...
  6. Inspired Content

    How can we make this work?

    On January 1st, I departing a friends new years party and heading to Portland Maine, then Portsmouth New Hampshire, then Worcester Mass, Pawtucket Rhode Island, New London Connecticut... etc. all the way to Florida, and then from Florida to California. I'll spend a bit of time in California...
  7. Elysia

    VERY New to Vlogging

    I would absolutely love if you had any tips and feedback for the vlogs as this is (i believe) only my 3rd one and am still trying to get the hang of it! weather its music, content, message or what have you, let me know how to improve!!
  8. FrankCos

    "Tasty" Style Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

    I've been playing with an iPhone production and editing app called dubsuite. It's a little rough, but I was able to make the following video. Thoughts? Questions? How does it stack up to all the recipe videos flooding Facebook these days?
  9. javacentral

    Newest video on a Mocha Recipe with changes to audio/lighting

    So I made this neat little mocha where it was pretty straight forward with the recipe (and an idea I wish I thought of sooner!). I changed up the lighting a bit via some angles and added an extra light. I also edited out more background noises since my last video was a bit fuzzy with the audio...
  10. javacentral

    Home mocha recipe!

    Quite an easy and tasty recipe, I say. I changed up the lighting but I feel like I still could have shortened up the intro/outro a bit. What do you think?
  11. javacentral

    How to make a mocha at home

    Nice little simple yet fun recipe. What do you think of the video as a whole? I tried out some new lighting and really kinda like it so far.
  12. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Yum Smoothie in 30 seconds!

  13. WokingWithWill

    * Need your feedback on this Yummy Dish

    Hi, I always wonder if anyone would actually follow recipes online. Would you try to do a recipe like this? Is the video too long? Anything I can change that to improve? Thanks a bunch!!
  14. Blakeusness

    How To Make Gyoza Dumplings! (Easy)

    Hay guys! Recently I made a video on how to make quick and easy gyoza dumplings! Would be awesome if you could check it out! :) Also leave me a comment letting me know what you what to see me make next! Thank you! :)
  15. javacentral

    Spiced pumpkin coffee recipe

    So this turned out pretty darn tasty and hey if you try it, let me know what you think. I didn't make it overly sweet so you may want some extra sugar in it if you have an itching sugar tooth
  16. M

    what do you guys think of my video content?

    Hey guys! So I'm pretty much new to the YouTube community and I posted a video last week and I am feeling a bit discouraged, I haven't gotten much feedback on my latest video and I don't know if I did as good a job as I originally thought I did with it.. My first video was an intro video...
  17. Conso1727

    Cooking with Conso: Pasta del Fuorisede

    Cooking on a Video Games channel? We have to get our forces to play games well somewhere! This is the pilot episode of a few cooking videos I could make in the future, it all depends if people will enjoy it or not.
  18. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Cook the BEST chicken!!

  19. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Eat Pizza, Get Fit

    Super cool recipe for muscle building, fat burning pizza! Recipe is attached to the video if you guys want a written copy :D Chur!
  20. xingcat

    3 Ingredient Recipes: Hummus

    Timothy the camel and I make a snack that's easy, healthy, and only 3 ingredients!
  21. xingcat

    3 Ingredient Recipes: Biscuits

    Herschel the turtle and I make a staple in Southern cooking, and a great side dish for any dinner table: biscuits! With just some milk, shortening, and self-rising flour, you can have biscuits in 10 minutes.
  22. xingcat

    3 Ingredient Recipes: Cannoli Dip

    If you like cannolis, you'll love this cannoli dip. We take the basic ingredients that are used for cannoli filling and make it into a dip that you can eat with cannoli chips, Italian cookies, fruit, or any type of party food. Simon the pack rat joins me on this one!
  23. G

    Other New Cooking Channel

    Hey all I'm looking for other youtubers within the cooking/food/recipe niche. My idea is that we create a group of individual that want to learn with each other and share ideas. Hope to hear from you. Regards Gary
  24. xingcat

    3 Ingredient Recipes: Quick Pesto

    This is a little simpler than traditional pesto recipes, but still very tasty. Presto the rabbit joins me!
  25. xingcat

    3 Ingredient Recipes: Chocolate Mug Cake

    Don't have time to make a whole cake, but want a chocolate fix? Why not make a mug cake? Just 3 ingredients and one minute in the microwave, and you have a great chocolate cake.
  26. xingcat

    3 Ingredient Recipes: Pancakes

    This week, we make the ultimate comfort food: pancakes! They're easy to make, and you may have the ingredients in your kitchen right now. Join Ricky and me to learn how to make the simplest pancakes ever.
  27. xingcat

    3 Ingredient Recipes: Blueberry Jam

    An easy way to make blueberry (or any kind of berry, really) jam, using just 3 ingredients. My cohost is Cat-ah! today, and he's a riot.
  28. xingcat

    3 Ingredient Recipes: Bread Pudding

    Today, we're making bread pudding with an easy cream! Melted ice cream and some eggs make a perfect custard for this simple, delicious ice cream.
  29. The Miranda

    Cinnamon Roll Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies??!?

    Got a bit bored and bought the two things we all love most and tried to create something great... What we got is something only okay. Solid try though.
  30. xingcat

    3 Ingredient Recipes: Almond Butter Granola Bars

    Steve the Squirrel and I teach you how to make your own chewy granola bars with an almond flavor and just 3 ingredients!