1. Inspired Content

    How can we make this work?

    On January 1st, I departing a friends new years party and heading to Portland Maine, then Portsmouth New Hampshire, then Worcester Mass, Pawtucket Rhode Island, New London Connecticut... etc. all the way to Florida, and then from Florida to California. I'll spend a bit of time in California...
  2. Dutchie Abroad

    Why you are not getting any views || A networking story

    Something that I notice a lot on this forum are people that are complaining that they don’t get any views. Some have done sub4sub in the past, others have only been around for a few weeks and some have been doing this for ages. But I can tell you, the number one reason that you are not getting...
  3. Shweebe

    Where do you network?

    I'm asking this because I think a lot of us (including myself) try to make sure we're networking ourselves enough so we can be noticed. Just wanting to see what everyone uses to get their content out there. I use: twitter, FB, redditt, Google +, and Discord
  4. Tac0cann0n

    How did you guys get your name out there?

    I have been creating content for a few months now but I've had trouble attracting new viewers and growing the channel. I'd say that the quality of my content is decent, but I just don't have the networking to grow the channel. What ways have you guys used to help grow your channel? I'd love...
  5. DivideAndConquer

    Gaming Over 800 Subs and Counting! Looking For Collabs

    Hi my name is Trevor from Divide and Conquer! I am looking for some fellow YouTuber's to do some pc collabs with and maybe we can become friends along the way. :). there are a few rules though. 1. you must have a youtube channel 2. you must have videos on said YouTube channel lol and upload...
  6. I

    How do I find YouTubers of a similar size to work with?

    So I have a small channel, bordering on 1,000 subscribers and I need to know how to find other Tubers that have the same sub range and content to me. I have searched for tips on this but I can't find any. Hoping some of you guys can help!
  7. co0per_

    Other Looking to help creators in hopes for networking and collabs!

    Hey there! I'm a recent graduate of film production and would love to get creating with new people! At the heart of what i do I'm an editor but without content theres not much i can edit! I'd love to network and collab with creators to help out on their projects and generally create something...
  8. Erika Talerico

    Networking...Let's Help Each Other Out...

    Here are all our social media pages (below). If you subscribe, Like, or Follow any of them send me a message at each page and I'll do the same for you, for each one. Twitter: Facebook: YouTube...
  9. Maarij Bashir

    Any advice?

  10. MiAndMore

    Which YouTube Network should I join? Advice please!

    Hello everyone! I've been contacted by some YouTube Networks but I don't know if it's worth it to join one of them.. If you think it is worth it, which netowrk would you recommend to me? I do gaming, real life and specials... Please help me, every comment is appreciated!! Cheers, MiAndMore...
  11. Surreal469

    Can Instagram Work?

    I started an instagram and updated it with mini vids of me talking about what was coming up on my channel that day. But with there not being a way to click on a link to the video I want people to watch, and very few legit likes, my question is, does IG work as a way to promote your channel or is...
  12. TheSlothEmperor

    Networking on Youtube

    Back in the day networking seemed to be a pretty big thing, nearly all my friends on YouTube came from me joining networking groups and working together in order to better our content, I have found over recent months that networking on YouTube has seemed to decrease and I find it hard to find...
  13. Razz_

    Networking for growth...... What?

    Ok guys so some ppl even on the forums have been saying to grow fast to network or something and I don't know exactly what this is I know it's something to to with social networks but what is it really and how does this strategy help grow your channel thanks for the help guy - Razzo :happy:
  14. Noitartst

    How Do I Learn to Network to Promote My Channel on YouTube?

    What is the networking process? That is what I'm trying to figure out, really, and was looking to ask about that. I'm ready to put in the time, but what do I do, and how? I think it starts from talking to experienced Youtubers about what has worked, and what exactly my content and...