Gaming LF Long-Term Collab With People With Similar Channels

Hey guys if any PC gamers out there are generally fun people always having fun and making jokes out things It would be awesome to collab with you here's some things you must be already doing because im only accepting people who are serious about making great content.

Things you need to have:
A Strong active YouTube account with which has active uploads every week
Have a fun and entertaining personality
A similar channel to mine (no point creating different content styles if we are going to collab)
Some form of a sub base
You have to be dedicated and persistent (This is the biggest thing that helps you grow as a channel)

About my channel:
I play Fifa mainly (only on pc) Iv been lone wolfing it since the start and wanted to branch out into something new as i thought my content was getting a bit stale. I want to not only play fifa but gta so would love to form some sort of group that we could make videos with. I have 620 subscribers (as of writing this) and was wondering if anyone wanted to help each other get noticed and expand our channels, viewers, and content.

I am a PC gamer since forever so i only make PC videos (Sorry Console Content Creators)

What I Play (PC ONLY):
Fifa 16
Some other one off videos on certain games.

So if any of you are interested in collabing reply here and check out my channel to see if your content is similar to mine thank you and have a nice day :D