fifa 16 ultimate team

  1. WillDP

    FIFA 16 TOTY PACK OPENING | 2 Di Marias???

    Hey guys, thanks for clicking on this thread. In this video I open some of the new TOTY packs released and I make some amazing pulls. Be sure to watch this video if you would like to see who I get in these packs. Enjoy the video! Here is the video:
  2. WillDP

    FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Road To Division 1 | EP.1 3-0 BABY

    This is the first video in my new series being Road To Division 1 on Ultimate Team. I do pretty well in my first video which makes this video more exciting. Thank you so much for watching the video. If you enjoyed the video,, click that like button and check out my channel for more:). Here is...
  3. WillDP

    Gaming FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Tournament PS4!

    Hey guys, some friends of mine were wanting to create a FIFA Ultimate Team Tournament where the winner gets around 100k-200k coins depending on the amount of people we can get to join. The restrictions for each team is that you can only have one in form card (rules may change if people would...
  4. Maximilien Prins-Mills

    Gaming LF Long-Term Collab With People With Similar Channels

    Hey guys if any PC gamers out there are generally fun people always having fun and making jokes out things It would be awesome to collab with you here's some things you must be already doing because im only accepting people who are serious about making great content. Things you need to have: A...