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  1. PaulSaladbar

    Gaming Looking for a collab group long-term or one night stand is cool ya know?

    Hey everyone my name is Paul, I'm 19 and one of the owners of the channel "ChronicBS". We do gaming and a few extra things on the side but, for the most part gaming. We do both streaming and recording PS4/PC. I currently run 3 channels including this one, one where I upload music videos I make...
  2. J

    Gaming Looking For PS4 Owners to Record with!!

    Hey there! Pretty sure you clicked on this because you own a PS4 lol. My main goal is to make a group of fellow PS4 owners and record game sessions. I dont have a specific age range, but as long over 18, due to swearing and all that adult stuff, I prefer to have people over 18. The games I...
  3. Paranoia_Origins

    Gaming (PS4) Looking For A Long Term Passionate and Dedicated Content Creators For Our YouTube Group!

    Here's some information about me. Me is looking for some Passionate and Dedicated Content Creators For Our YouTube Group thats are looking to collaborate on a frequent basis. I want to make some good friends and partners for our YouTube journey. Here's some information about me. My Name...
  4. J^3

    Gaming Anyone wants to collaborate (Need for Speed) or (Fortnite)

    Hey there i am looking for anyone who wants to collaborate. I play and record Need for speed 2015 and need for speed payback and also fornite. please leave a comment below if you are intrested in colaborating.
  5. ECHO6251

    Gaming Funny Moments crew

    Hey! So my name is Echo, real name Jacob, but I go by Ian irl, anyways I am looking for a group of people to collaborate with on YouTube like the crew that VanossGaming, MiniLadd, H20 Delirious, I AM WILDCAT, and all of them have made. The reason I list the aforementioned is because I want to...
  6. ChrisXP97

    Gaming Call of Duty Sniping Collaboration

    Looking for people to collab with. Mostly trying to get into the call of duty scene rn but planning on expanding to other video games in the near future.
  7. P

    Gaming Ps4, PC, WiiU and Nintendo switch gamers wanted for collab series or single episodes.

    ChronicBS is our channel we do challenges, vlogs, skits, and mainly gaming. PS4 games- battlefront, mortal kombat, GTA5, and we're up to get more games.(Maybe overwatch, cod, destiny, and bfront 2 when it comes out.) PC games- Gmod, pokemon Showdown, evolve, town of salem Wii U- Mario Kart...
  8. Efa Strömberg

    Gaming Thinking of maybe starting a Youtube Channel

    Hello my name is Alexander and i am 23 years old,i have been thinking of making a Youtube Channel for a long time,i just haven't had any good ideas for content,i am a gamer and also love comedy so i would love to do both. I am looking for new friends in the Youtube Community that i can team up...
  9. Paranoia O Rigins

    Gaming Looking for GTA 5 PS4 Gaming Collaborations with other youtubers/gamers

    I want to make a collaboration on Grand Theft Auto 5, The Divison, Smite, and Minecraft. I would like to make collaborations on Grand Theft Auto 5, The Division, Smite, and Minecraft (PS4) in which we will be trying all types of things to create funny, random, etc moments for our videos. For...
  10. L

    Gaming Want to meet some people and do some collabs :)

    I'm Luminus or Dylan, I want to do some collabs on some games like The Forest, G-Mod, Minecraft, COD or really any game haha, if you're wanting to do a collab or just be friends let me know message me on twitter @LuminusHD or let me know somehow haha!
  11. TheFeStitch

    Gaming Looking for People to play/record Minecraft or Paladinds!

    Hey, I'm TheFeStitch and I would like to find some people to play and maybe even record with Minecraft or Paladins. There are some minor requirements if you actually want to do this .. +At least 14 years old; Or at lease me mature enough for my standards +Doesn't swear (If you do a little, you...
  12. Lacertus

    Gaming LFG of people to make videos and play Xbox One With!

    I have many games on xbox one such as NBA 2k17, Overwatch, BF1, Infinite warfare, and other. Message me on Xbox one, my gt is SqueakySandwich!
  13. M

    Gaming Looking for someone to collab with [PC]

    I'm 19 years old looking for someone to collab with that is atleast 16+. I enjoy playing just about every genre, but I mostly play - World of Warcraft -Dead by Daylight -Rust -Elderscrolls Online -H1Z1 I will likely play anything that you would want to. I have 126 subs, although it's not much...
  14. T

    Gaming I want to collab with someone on PC. You need to be at least 15 (my age).

    Long story short, I need a sub boost bc I have no audience rn and need one. If you are interested, we can exchange skype/discord stuffs and (my rule) we have to look at each others channels, because I think we need to like each others channels before we can collab, or else it'd just be so...
  15. T

    Gaming If You Want To Collaborate And Grow On Youtube! Check This Thread Out...

    Hey everyone, My name is Thomas or Ts7, my channel name. I am a gaming youtuber who mainly plays Star Wars Battlefront at the moment but with many more exciting games coming soon! My Channel: I started Youtube about 2 months ago and I have been growing very quickly through uploading...
  16. ManahTheMahner

    Gaming Looking to collaborate with other youtubers

    I'm looking to collaborate with other youtubers for PC/PS4 Games. Take a look at my content and if you find we could work out as team that would be awesome. Please i would prefer you to be at least 20+ of age if possible. Please have a decent Microphone. Games i'm looking to play at the moment...
  17. Mr Softy

    Gaming Looking for like minded gamer/s to collab with on either PS4 or PC

    Hey all. Im looking for like minded people to do some collaborations with. Im a high energy PS4 and PC gamer looking to reach out and connect with other content creators. Reason for collaboration: I just want to promote my channel in a positive way with other like minded youtubers and have fun...
  18. DoctorBlue99

    Gaming Xbox One Collab

    Hi guys! I'm looking for some new people to collab with, I have a fair few multiplayer games and I hope to meet some entertaining and relaxed people who can chill and record if we need to. I'm on Xbox One and you need to have a Skype and a decent quality microphone. My games: Halo 5 Guardians...
  19. Nasovic

    Gaming Searching a Collaboration Partner for all types of Games

    Hey Guys, my Name is Nasovic and I'm searching for a Partner to Collaborate with. I don't have any specific Games i want to play. I only have 12 subs, but constantly growing. Moreover we could do Shoutouts/Crosspromotions etc. Feel free to message me on skype: pyschnyj
  20. HepTube

    Gaming Fia 16 Collaboration On PS4

    Hey guys, I'm a small youtuber with 228 subscribers at the time of making this thread. I'm 16 years old in the UK and I'm wondering if anybody would like to make a video with me so that we can both gain subscribers from each other and both grow. I will only collaborate with a youtuber who has...
  21. MenAce

    Gaming Looking For Collab

    Hey, I'm Looking For A Collab, Any Help?
  22. ParanoiaOrigins

    Gaming LF YouTube Buddies to Be A "Part House of Frost Wolves" Gaming

    What does my collaboration(s) consists of? I want to make a collaboration on black ops 3, dark souls, GTA 5, Kitten Squad, Minecraft, Rocket League, Smite, Star wars Battlefront, The Division, War Thunder (PlayStation 4) in which we will be trying to show we be trying to ether complete heist...
  23. tripplekillgaming

    Gaming Collaborating/Recording squad?

    Hey guy's I'm looking for people i can collaborate with and make some funny content. I'm 21 years old i play on xbox360 and a little bit on PC mainly Garry's Mod. I'm looking for people that have good mics for Skype chatting and the current games i play for xbox360 are GTA V, Battlefield...
  24. ComicallyFamous

    I stopped growing and now it's slow

    I'm not here to ask you to "come check out my channel for awesome stuff!", but rather tell you that I've hit a plateau when it comes to growth of my fan base. For some reason I just can't get anymore exposure without using cheap ways like commenting on other people's channels my channel link...
  25. J


    I'm looking for people to collab with on PS4 and PC. I live in CA so if you live in a different time zone, we'll try to work something out. If you want to see my channel Skype me and I'll give you the link. (The one below the thread doesn't work) Skype: Jacker cx GAMES I PLAY ON PS4 - Black...
  26. GoldBolt

    Gaming GTA 5 Group (PS4)

    Hello! I am currently looking for a group of players roughly 3-6 people to play GTA 5 with. My aim is to make funny GTA 5 videos like custom job videos, fail videos, stunting videos, etc... You don't have to make YouTube videos of your own, but I do have some requirements. (Listed Below) So...
  27. Dread Chemical

    Brawlhalla #1 - Dread The Gunslinger

    Leave a like if you enjoyed my video and hope to see you on the next one :) Please be nice and respectful in the comments Check out his channel Crowe - Bradley - Ant -...
  28. TheChillGhost

    Gaming Looking for gaming pals

    Looking for some people to game with, primarily CSGO, TF2, Minecraft, Gmod, etc. Let me know if you're interested :D
  29. SemiGodGaming

    Gaming PS4 Black Ops 3 Collaborations

    Hey whats going on guys / girls i'm SemiGodGaming and I wondering if anyone wants to do a collaboration video / videos with me my gamertag is: semigod9 and if you guys would want to know anything about my youtube channel my channel name is: SemiGodGaming so if you guys like what you see make...
  30. RobCoxxy

    Gaming GTA Heists Collab [PC]

    Hi guys, one thing I've had in mind for quite a while is a four-way collab tackling the Criminal Mastermind Challenge on GTA Online's Heists. Four channels, four perspectives, four heists. Ideally looking for people GMT(+/- a couple of hours) for easier scheduling, and over 20s, purely because...