collab advice

  1. ogelove

    Other I want someone to collab with,am into Entertainment and beauty

    hey great youtubers ,my channel is all about Entertainment and new just like a week old. looking for great collb to improve my views and sub..... thanks and keep smiling...****cheers***
  2. Rallex

    Gaming Looking for YouTubers to join my Crew!

    Hi my name is Riley, My YouTube name is 'Rallex'. My one friend left the group which really broke my heart as he was really funny and really connected with my friend Kerry which made our videos together hilarious. I'm looking for three to five more members, we all don't need to play at the same...
  3. R

    Gaming Looking for collabs

    Hey Guys! I started a new youtube channel and i haven't been getting much traffic. So ive been looking for someone to collab with so we could grow together. Something like i upload a vid on their channel and i upload on theirs. My channel name is Mr RaidActive if you're curious
  4. TeddieCakes

    Need help & advice regarding collaboration videos for newbies!

    Hello, I have a small youtube channel that strives to encourage both other youtubers and non-youtubers to showcase their work on the channel. Main reasoning is to help those that are too nervous to start a channel themselves to begin getting their work out there or simply just have fun and...
  5. sparkypi

    How do you capture Skype calls for game collabs?

    If you want to do a collab with another gaming YouTuber over the internet, how do you capture their voice and time it with your video? Do you just have to send it to each other?
  6. Omair

    Services High Quality - Thumbnails, Banner, Logos for YouTube Channels [$5-$10]

    hey, My name is Masab and I do GFX. I can make you HD and PRO Thumbnails., Banner and Logos. Here is some of my work!
  7. XTRMlvl

    Gaming Looking for amazing individuals who want to collaborate!

    Happy New Years everyone my name is ultimateXTRM As the title says I'm looking for anyone who want to collaborate, This is our chance to grow our YouTube channel! We all know how hard it is to grow here on YouTube but with an amazing new year lets accomplish more things than ever before. I'm...
  8. Curly&Clueless

    Vlog Collab required

    Hey! We are looking to do a collab on our Vlogs with and singer songwriters out there. We are looking to add some original music to our Vlogs, we are open to any genre.
  9. Vivian King

    Comedy Hello everyone! Wanna collab?

    Hello, my name is Vivian King and I just started on YTtalk today. I would like to make some YouTube friends and collaborate. I recently started making comedy videos on YouTube and have yet to do a collaboration. I'm very excited to work with you guys!!
  10. Blunt Brittany

    Having people on your channel..?

    So I have a good friend who wants to come on my channel and be in a video and I think it would be great especially because we are super in sync and funny when we are together so it would make some great content. But she doesn't have a YouTube channel or really a lot of followers on social media...
  11. Blunt Brittany

    Too soon to collaborate?

    Hey everyone! So I'm fairly new to YouTube but my channel is growing and everything and I love making videos. I'm just curious, when is it too soon to collab with another youtuber? Or is it never too soon? I am just wanting to know for a future video I have an idea for. Thank you!!
  12. S

    Meet Up/Gathering SHOUTOUTS&COLLABS

    So I'm guessing you need a shoutout or you want to collab with other youtubers so you can gain more subs well that's what we all want and I'll be happy to help just let me know and I'll shout you out and we could collab
  13. EverythingTech360

    Other I want to collaborate on my channel videos

    I want to collaborate to anyone who can promote my YouTube channel video. If anyone interested and want to collaborate with me you can direct reply me on this thread or direct mail me on my email id. All information are given below. It will be great help for us. Email id:
  14. Joe_brett15

    Gaming Collaborating??? Want to get to no YOUTUBERS!

    Im relatively new to youtube and im looking to collab with a few youtubers that have been around a lil longer than me and have had a lot more experience than me!! Comment below for any offers!
  15. Will Thomas


    My name is Will Thomas. I'm trying to get my channel up and running like a lot of people on this website and wanted to try to collab!
  16. RRM

    Vlog Any Vloggers In Bay Area, Cali ???

    Hello, if you live in the Bay Area of Cali I have a channel where i do vlogs and pranks and gaming, I'm dtrying to improve as much as i can so if there's anyone out there interested in doing a collab let me know
  17. N


  18. tlegacytv

    How did you make friends/collab on YouTube?

    I have seen others that would be great to collab with but I don't want to look desperate. Also I don't have many subscribers so if I collab with someone with a couple 100 or 1000 it would not really benefit them. It seems kind of weird to ask someone too lol. Would you be weirded out if some...
  19. Anjim

    Spam Or No Spam

    Welcome Yttalk To Anjim's Spam or No Spam (Deal Or No Deal parody)! Today Youtube spam comment is from my gaming channel!it comes from Alpha Records and HK Gaming. Here is the info Alpha Records wants me too use their music but I am not a music channel I am a gaming channel. If I use...