Too soon to collaborate?

Blunt Brittany

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Hey everyone! So I'm fairly new to YouTube but my channel is growing and everything and I love making videos. I'm just curious, when is it too soon to collab with another youtuber? Or is it never too soon? I am just wanting to know for a future video I have an idea for. Thank you!!
It's like Morrisey once said "how soon is now?" Oh wait that wasn't actually IN the song

Go to it! It's your channel. I wanted to collaborate but no takers and now if I did one it'd seem out of place with the other stuff I've done
A normal collaboration sends the audience of one creator to the,
If you're both small, I would reccomend collaborating on something that can be easily optimized for search results. That way, you add another way to bring in traffic.
There are some great guides on this forum about SEO. Get with your collab parter, come up with some topics, then see which of those are being searched for.
Best of luck!
I think you can collaborate whenever you want! I don't think there are time dictators on when you should! Definitely go for it :) Just watched your Q&A btw and loved :) Good luck with your channel!
You can always collaborate! Some YouTube creators prefer to collab with folks who have similiar-sized or larger channels, but there's no hard-and-fast rule about when you can collaborate with someone.
If the idea feels right for you and your channel and you know who you want to approach, go for it! It's a personal choice really, there's no right or wrong answer on how it should work.