Gaming Looking for amazing individuals who want to collaborate!


Happy New Years everyone my name is ultimateXTRM

As the title says I'm looking for anyone who want to collaborate, This is our chance to grow our YouTube channel! We all know how hard it is to grow here on YouTube but with an amazing new year lets accomplish more things than ever before. I'm looking to doing a funny moments montage on any of these games but we can also try something else like a friendly 1v1. Thank you for checking out my thread and lets get this collaboration started!

I play on the PS4. and here are some games I wish to collaborate too
OverWatch - Funny moments or mess around with characters
Modern Warfare Remastered - We can 1v1 while we talk about our channels,
GTA V - We can have funny moments and do CRAZY races!
Black Ops 3 - We can 1v1 while we introduce our channels. (pretty much the same as MWR)

Some things to Note on
- have a ps4 mic. (If you have a blue snowball or yeti that would be perfect, don't worry if you don't)
- PS4 account
- preferably +50 subscribers

Contact me Via
Twitter - UltimateXTRM
Skype - extreme.y0
Discord - #7858
PS4 - XTRMlvl
and of course my YouTube channel, please don't hesitate to it check out!
Its that big red button/link down below!
Hey man I checked out your channel and you have really good content! I don't have a PS4 or else I would love to collab, I just have a PC and a XB1 but in the future I plan on getting a PS4 so maybe we can?:D
Hey I have a PS4 and I ould love to collab with you. I have BO3, and IW on PS4. My gamertag is Fichee_slays and have 38 subs at the moment. I was wondering when you would be free to collab? thanks.