Vivian King

I've Got It
Hello, my name is Vivian King and I just started on YTtalk today. I would like to make some YouTube friends and collaborate. I recently started making comedy videos on YouTube and have yet to do a collaboration. I'm very excited to work with you guys!!
Could you explain a bit further?

Well, we could do a three way collaboration and have a list a accents we have to do, for example, Brooklyn, Australian ect. We could post the video on our own channels, but direct our viewers to each others channels. We could call it the accent challenge.[DOUBLEPOST=1482360892,1482360704][/DOUBLEPOST]
How are you planning on doing this? Through Skype? I would be very interested in being a part of any sort of video :)

We don't have to do it through Skype, we could all have the same list of accents and post them on our individual channels, then direct our viewers to each other. What do you think?:)
That could work! :D I don't think the Australian accent will work for me though. Haha

Lol. I'm really glade you like it! I'm thinking we could do 12 accents, each of us can come up with 4. I've come up with mine, Brooklyn, English, Russian and Irish.