meet up

  1. ZulfPhotography

    Meet Up/Gathering UK, Birmingham YouTubers

    Hi guys. Joined today I actively post on my YT channel ZulfPhotography. Looking to test the waters and see if there are potential collaborations near me. Ideally similar subs I think I'm on just over 3k. Who's from the West Midlands? Let's get creative.. Example thumbnail of types of videos I...
  2. T

    Vlog Meet Up & Collab

    Meet Up - Culver's at Richland Center, WI Must have Driver's License and/or ride Be 100 subs, at least If you have camera, bring it Do cool challenges for each others channels HAVE FUN!
  3. JennCreates


    Hi everyone!! I am looking for other youtubers in the Toronto area that want to do a collab. I like doing gaming/app review videos. My demographic is mostly female/young girls.
  4. Jose Toribio

    Meet Up/Gathering NYC area boiiz or ONLINE

    Hey, everyone! I'm open to making videos with anyone. I can either meet up so we can think of something to film or we can speak on discord and plan from there. :-] Recently I have been trying to be more consistent with my content and posting regularly. We can meet online or in person! My name...
  5. Scandinavian Freckles

    Meet Up/Gathering Any one meeting up in NORWAY?

    Hi everyone, Was wondering if anyone wanted to make a meet up happen in norway, or if someone knew about any happening already? Trying to connect with like minded people, find support and friends within the community. Never met any norwegian youtubers :) Im totally up for it, let me know...
  6. Scandinavian Freckles

    Beauty/Makeup Any norwegian youtubers?

    Hi there, I am 26, Norwegian and hoping to find someone who maybe lives close to where I live ( Oslo) to maybe do a collab, be friends and support eachother? The more the merrier. I really want to hang out with people who get what I am doing and why I want to do it :) Let me know ...
  7. James BB

    Vlog YouTubers in UK

    Hi I’m James and I live in Oxfordshire with a channel of 500 subs, I recently started YouTube again and would love to do some vlogs wether we just meet up for the day or go somewhere random, ie Thorpe park I don’t mind, I would love to start a group of around 5-6 people and would like to start...
  8. Ucanuke2017

    Meet Up/Gathering Any YouTubers in Chicago area?

    im a YouTube in the Chicago area looking to meet up and even collaborate with other YouTubers. I specifically teach music on my channel, “U CAN UKE” (80k+ subs), so any YouTubers that play or sing music would be a plus. But I’m here just to connect with other creators. Let’s meet!
  9. MisterRJ

    Meet Up/Gathering Looking for collabs (UK)

    Hi guys and gals. I’m RJ. I’ve been dabbling with ye old YouTube for about 6 years now. Recently (12 months) I have been really pushing to make some quality content. I had taken a few months off due to leaving collage and transitioning into the adult world. I’m ready to get back on track and I...
  10. MrMatthewStrange

    Meet Up/Gathering Anyone in Northern England want to meet up/collab?

    ! I want to meet some YouTubers near me. Primarily I'd like to do a collaboration, although I would be happy to just meet up, have a chat, gain insights from each other and film together - This could happily be at the pub if you're over 18! I'm in Preston myself, but I'm happy to travel in...
  11. Maicangirl

    Meet Up/Gathering Any Youtubers Living In Germany?

    I know you guys are out there . I want to collab , channel genre or size isn't important. If you are comfortable filming in public and talking to strangers then even better!
  12. Jake Burton

    Vlog Anyone Fancy Doing A Big UK Vlogger Meet Up

    Hey Guys, Everyone on here is always looking for someone to collaborate with because it all helps succeed in what we all want to do, YouTube. So if there is anyone out there that is feeling that it would all be a good idea to have a big meetup somewhere in the UK that is a reasonable place for...
  13. Dutchie Abroad

    Meet Up/Gathering Midland Meetup! [UK]

    Hey everyone!~ So I've noticed there are quite a lot of UK people here on the forum, so I thought it might be nice to organize a meet up. This meet up is not intended to immediately film a collab together, but more for UK Youtubers to meet each other and form contacts for future collabs. So for...
  14. SoccerBrosTv

    Meet Up/Gathering Any Events in Florida?

    I'm looking to go to some event for YouTube in Florida... Are there any of them in the upcoming months? Thank you.
  15. Cheri

    Vlog UK Paranormal Vlog Meet Up/Collab

    Hey guys! So I haven't really seen any Paranormal vloggers on here (aside from a couple of horror vloggers). It's kind of a role call to see if anyone posts that kind of content (or is looking to venture into that), as well as to gather a few people together for some videos. I'd love to be...

    Vlog Looking For Olympia, Washington Area Collab!

    Anyone near by Olympia, Washington area interested in doing a collab? On my channel I do VLOGs, Pranks, Gaming ect... I would love to meet another real life YouTuber. I feel like an alien sometimes. Being the only one who does YouTube videos in my real life. LOL It would be awesome to do some...
  17. KiteVisionary

    Meet Up/Gathering Any YouTubers who live in Mykonos, Greece

    Hi, I'm Kite Visionary, a London based YouTuber and wondering if there are YouTubers who are based in Mykonos Greece. I am going to be coming to Mykonos for about a week for holiday and during that time if I can make a new friend and maybe even do a collab or something. Look forward to...
  18. YaBoiiClark

    Meet Up/Gathering Wichita, KS squad!

    Hello fellow YouTubers! Let's hang out, collab, do whatever in the Wichita area! Downtown Wichita is the place to be, so if anyone wants to be friends, meet up, vlog our adventures, lets do it!! Tweet me @JakeGrunger (my DM's are open to the public) if you want to plan something!
  19. ManyAbnormalities

    Gaming Looking for PS4 and PC Gamers to Collaborate with!!

    Hai! My channel is a shared channel that consists of 2-3 members and we make videos together- A variation of games in videos and livestreams, we only started a week ago and we already have an active subscriber base of 47 people and going up EVERY DAY! If you would be willing to expand your game...
  20. Strategix

    Vlog E3 or L.A/Hollywood Collab Vloggers!

    Hey everyone! I've been out of the youtube game for quite sometime (almost a year) due to work and moving to my new place and FINALLY ABOUT TO FINISH UNIVERSITY. I'm going to be in the L.A. area to attend E3 so I'll be flying in June 11th to the 16th. For the mean time I wanna make a comeback...
  21. Strategix

    Meet Up/Gathering E3 or L.A./Hollywood/California Collab/Meet Up

    Hey everyone! I've been out of the youtube game for quite sometime (almost a year) due to work and moving to my new place and FINALLY ABOUT TO FINISH UNIVERSITY. I'm going to be in the L.A. area to attend E3 so I'll be flying in June 11th to the 16th. For the mean time I wanna make a comeback...
  22. AshtheMonster

    Comedy Anyone do LGBT humor channels?

    I have an transition channel where I joke around a lot and talk about my funny experiences as a trans person. Any other similar blogs that would want a collab?
  23. W

    Meet Up/Gathering Hi anyone in or around North Carolina USA ?

    wanna meet up ? My email is
  24. Brandino centini

    Meet Up/Gathering Anyone Near Calgary

    Hey ive just started a channel today and have no videos but would love to make comedy videos so if anyone wants to help thinking of doing things like sketches thanks
  25. Iza Elle

    Meet Up/Gathering [closed] England Meet up ?

    Hello guys ! I'm Iza and I'm from Ipswich, Suffolk ! Is there any Youtubers from England? It would be so awesome to meet people with similar interests and just share ideas and do collabs! Also we can go to Summer in The City and Comic Con! Can't wait to hear from you ! Xx also share your...
  26. alvarox9

    Vlog Collab in Miami FL?

    Just a regular 18 year old guy who just graduated from high school. Currently studying business. I have a YouTube channel where I give my own advice and tips when it comes to the struggles of life. Looking to see if there are any other youtubers here in miami that might want to make a collab...
  27. ItsOriginalToMe

    Who Are Your Favorite Youtubers?

    So Im looking for a few new youtube channels to subscribe to so I was wondering what are your favorite youtubers? Mine are Nigahiga, JacksGap, dicasp, Shaytards, and CTFxC What are yours?
  28. Vivian King

    Comedy Hello everyone! Wanna collab?

    Hello, my name is Vivian King and I just started on YTtalk today. I would like to make some YouTube friends and collaborate. I recently started making comedy videos on YouTube and have yet to do a collaboration. I'm very excited to work with you guys!!
  29. javacentral

    Meet Up/Gathering East Alabama or West Georgia folks in the house?

    I currently live about an hour from the Georgia border in Alabama and wanted to see if there was anyone from there that may want to do a collab. I got a couple ideas bouncing around that we could do.
  30. Michelle Lough

    Meet Up/Gathering Los Angeles Youtubers!

    Hi guys! My name is Michelle Lough. I'm looking for other Youtubers in the LA area to meet and collab with! I have about 6K subs so I'm looking for people to collab with. I do all sorts of videos like Vlogs, DIY's, Travel, Rave Culture and film/cinema related videos. Let's meet up and create...