Vlog UK Paranormal Vlog Meet Up/Collab


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Hey guys!

So I haven't really seen any Paranormal vloggers on here (aside from a couple of horror vloggers).
It's kind of a role call to see if anyone posts that kind of content (or is looking to venture into that), as well as to gather a few people together for some videos.

I'd love to be able to meet up with a few people, and go out on a Ghost Hunt or Paranormal Investigation.

So there are a few ideas for different kind of videos that can be done with this.

  • Vloggers who have experience in Paranormal situations, so we can make a really good group of videos and exchange expertise.
  • People who have never done anything like it... I think it would work really well as a paranormal youtube series taking people out who are scared or nervous, and seeing people in that situation for the first time.

It would even work for people who aren't near to me and can't meet up in person.
So, if you're in the US, maybe we could set you a few challenges in your local area to go out and investigate and film it yourself.
Part of a collab series perhaps?

Would anyone be down for that?
Hey paranormal vlogging is something ive been trying to get into myself do you have an email i can reach you at?